Case study

Supporting The Early Childhood Workforce at Scale: The Cuna Más Home Visiting Program in Peru

This study is intended for home visiting program managers who want to understand the implementation challenges facing the workforce and learn how to overcome them. The country-level analysis and actionable policy recommendations in the study will be useful also for policymakers who want to improve the quality and scale of early childhood development services.

A CEI Case Study: How do we train a nation of teachers in Kenya to teach using learner-centred pedagogy?

Learner–centred pedagogy represents a model of teaching that has minimal teacher lecturing and instead focuses on students engaging in experiential learning with a high frequency of student questions and discussion.  Countries across the globe are prioritising education which both empowers learners and provides them with cognitive and non-cognitive skills to thrive in the 21st Century. Under this framework, researchers, policymakers, nonstate actors and donors have advanced learner-centred pedagogy.

Spreading Social Innovations – A Case Study Report

This report uses a case study approach to explore in more depth what the spread of social innovations looks like in contexts that go beyond organisation growth. The aim of this report is to explore the spread of social innovations where those innovations are new programmes, practices and organisational structures. Areas for future research might include looking at the spread of social innovations where those innovations are new laws, regulations or entitlements or new processes.

Developing Skills for Economic Transformation and Social Harmony in China: A Study of Yunnan Province

The Chinese TVET system is vast and complicated. Every reform effort, such as curriculum development and teacher training, has enormous resource implications. Accordingly, developing and implementing a set of centralized policies poses enormous challenges, especially for a resource-constrained province like
Yunnan. The analyses in the report reveal certain policy gaps and challenges that have hampered Yunnan’s education and training system from operating at its full potential.


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