Asia-Pacific Education System Review Series No. 6: School-to-Work Transition Information Bases


This report is organized into six sections. This Introduction section presents the background to the study. Section 2 provides an overview of the concept of the school-to-work information base, including the definition, the benefits of such an information base, the types of information that are required and the methods for the collection of that information. The following two sections, Section 3 and Section
4, present analyses of the findings of the study with regard to the policies, practices and challenges faced in the nine selected countries in compiling information about the skills required by the labor market, i.e. labor demand, and about the types of employment graduates obtain after graduation, i.e. labor supply. Section 5 describes the types of policies, practices and challenges that exist in the nine countries with regard to engagement of employers in determining
the kinds of TVET courses offered by educational institutions. Section 6 summarizes the challenges that are faced and presents a number of policy recommendations.

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