Asia-Pacific Secondary Education System Review Series No. 2: Access to Secondary Education

Françoise CaillodsUNESCO BangkokUNESCO2013

Asia and the Pacific is a region of contrast. While some countries have high enrolment rates at secondary and higher education levels, others have still a long way to go to offer secondary education to the majority of their school age population, to reduce disparities across gender, social and ethnic groups and to reduce drop out. This booklet is about how to increase access to secondary education. It analyses the coverage of secondary education in Asia and the Pacific, reviews major inequalities that exist in access and coverage, and identifies the factors that limit the access of primary school graduates to secondary education. Finally, it discusses options to increase access and coverage and suggests interventions to be considered in different contexts. The booklet focuses on countries which have not yet ensured wide access to lower and upper secondary education and concentrates on issues of general education.

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