Assessing Learning, Achieving Impact: A Literature Review on Citizen-led Assessments

Eberhardt, Molly JamiesonHill, TaraPlaut, DanielResults for Development Institute2015
PDF icon R4D Citizen-led Assessments Literature Review - June 2015.pdf

Results for Development Institute conducted an evaluation of the process and impact of four citizen assessment efforts funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation: ASER in India, Uwezo in East Africa, Jàngandoo in Senegal, and Beekunko in Mali. This literature review served as a foundation for the evaluation by examining existing literature on the key dimensions of effective learning assessments and other similar interventions (as well as contextual and other external factors affecting their implementation) in order to gauge the effectiveness of the citizen assessment model at measuring learning as well as inciting awareness and action to improve education policy. The first section focuses on the design and implementation of citizen-led assessments and the second section addresses their attempt to foster impact on awareness and action. 

Transparency and AccountabilityCommunity EngagementStudent AssessmentGlobalLiterature review

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