Constructing Inter-Sectoral Partnerships to Improve Secondary Education and Youth Employability in Mexico

Mellado, RominaLópez Ricoy, Ana E.Tapia-Álvarez, MónicaSynergosLodestar Foundation2014
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One of Mexico's biggest challenge is the lack of educational and employment opportunities for the younger generations. We calculate that the country has more than 31 million young people from ages 15-29 (almost one third of the population), of whom more than 20 million have abandoned school without completing high school (grades 10 through 12).

In addition, the country has only been able to offer formal employment to a just a quarter of its youth, but the paradox is that even where there are job opportunities, some positions have not been covered due to shortage of qualified applicants. As in other places, an important link can be found between youth vulnerable groups without enough qualifications and unemployed, and the potential recruitment at early ages of youth gangs and crime-related environments.

Synergos, with the support of the Lodestar Foundation, identified and mapped the leading philanthropic, civil society, government and policy-research initiatives working in high school dropout prevention and youth employment in Mexico. We convened a meeting among them to define better the problem and different perspectives. This report is the result of the mapping, interviews and first discussion meeting, along with some basic compilation of data and research.

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