Creating Agents of Positive Change - The Citizens Foundation in Pakistan

Lall, Marie The Citizens Foundation 2012

This report reviews the work of the Citizens Foundation in Pakistan since 2008. The Citizens Foundation currently operates and supports schools in Pakistan's poorest regions, for the country's most under-resourced learners in four provinces. This report surveys the educational landscape in Pakistan and the ways in which the Citizens Foundation has conducted its outreach, school construction, and school maintenance. The author relies on data collected from 11 of the Foundation's schools across a two-week survey period in 2008. 

Education FinancingFragile and Conflict-Affected StatesOut-of-School ChildrenPublic-Private PartnershipsSecondary EducationMiddle East and North AfricaPakistanOriginal researchCountry overviewEvaluation & Systematic ReviewMonitoring reportCase studyDelivery

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