Determinants of School Choice: Evidence from Rural Punjab

Center for Research in Economics and Business (CREB) Lahore School of EconomicsOpen Society FoundationsPERI Global2013

This study explores why Pakistani parents in rural Punjab choose to send their children to low-fee private schools when free public schools are available. The study is based on a 2011 survey of a representative sample of 1,024 households in rural Punjab. Although the majority of children in the sample attend government schools, even among the poorest 20 percent of households, 9 percent of children are enrolled in private schools. Five main factors emerge as important determinants of private school choice: the socioeconomic status of the household, the degree of a school’s accessibility, the cost of schooling, parents’ perceptions of school quality, as well as perceptions of the available employment opportunities in the region.

Low-Cost Private SchoolsEducation FinancingPakistanOriginal research

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