Early Childhood Development: Delivering inter‐sectoral policies, programmes and services in low‐resource settings

Woodhead, MartinDFID2014
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Early childhood development (ECD) has become a priority for research, policy and programming, at national and global level, with increasing recognition of the interconnections between a nation's development goals and the quality of services for all young girls and boys, and their families. This comprehensive new ECD Topic Guide can be downloaded at http://www.heart-resources.org/topic/early-childhood-development/

Martin Woodhead is lead author of the guide which was commissioned from the Health & Education Advice & Resource Team (HEART) by UK Department for International Development (DFID). The aim of the Topic Guide is to offer an overview of the rapidly growing field of ECD. Three specific goals have shaped the Topic Guide: 1. to summarise evidence across the full age span of ECD, identifying key developmental phases and transitions, beginning before conception through to early grades of school, and also recognising intergenerational and life cycle issues; 2. to map the various sectoral entry points for delivering comprehensive holistic ECD services, and highlight the distinct research traditions, key evidence, policy priorities and programmatic expertise associated with each sector; 3. to identify opportunities and challenges in achieving more integrated ECD at every level: building inter-sectoral policies, management, programming, professional training, service delivery and research

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