Education Policy Research Series Discussion Document No. 1: The Use of Student Assessment for Policy and Learning Improvement


The interest in assessment issues is clearly growing. Other than an increasing trend seen in countries and economies of the Asia-Pacific region participating in international assessments, more and more countries are looking into a multi-level approach to assessment and shifting the focus towards classroom and school-based assessments in order to mitigate the negative side effects of high-stake examinations. With these observations in mind, this report aims to give those working with assessment policies and practices something to think about, while at the same time providing empirical data to spark further research into related issues, because assessment, simply said, does matter. This report, which is a work in progress, will be complemented and expanded through the establishment of a regional network on education quality monitoring, convened by UNESCO Bangkok in March 2013. Such a forum will ensure greater collaboration, knowledge sharing and research on issues of assessment and education quality monitoring generally.

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