The Evidence for the Sustainable Scale-up of Low-cost Private Schools in South West Asia

Barakat, SultanHardman, FrankRohwerder, BrigitteRzeszut, KathrynDepartment for International Development (DFID)2014
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This systematic review conducted on behalf of the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID). This report presents the findings of DFID’s Systematic Review No. 29, which addresses the question:

What is the evidence regarding the sustainable scale-up of low-cost private primary schools in South West Asia, in particular in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

This chapter provides an explanation of the objectives for the review and defines key concepts and terms. It then discusses the policy and research background of low-cost private primary schooling, focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan. The chapter concludes by laying out the objectives of the review.

Low-Cost Private SchoolsFragile and Conflict-Affected StatesMiddle East and North AfricaSouth AsiaPakistanAfghanistanEvaluation & Systematic Review

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