Exploring Early Education Programs in Peri-urban Settings in Africa: Final Report Summary

Lowenstein, CallieZiswiler, MayaUBS Optimus FoundationInnovations for Poverty Action (IPA)2014
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In 2013, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) performed a formative study of the preprimary education sectors in the peri-urban areas of four cities: Accra (Ghana), Johannesburg (South Africa), Lagos (Nigeria), and Nairobi (Kenya). This study, launched and sponsored by the UBS Optimus Foundation, aims to present descriptive details on access to and the quality of preschools in these areas. The preprimary education sector in peri-urban areas was found to be largely dominated by the private sector. While preschool enrollment rates are quite encouraging, overall age-appropriateness and quality of instruction need to be addressed. 

Early Childhood DevelopmentKenyaSouth AfricaGhanaNigeriaOriginal research

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