Exploring Early Education Programs in Peri-urban Settings in Africa: Summary Findings from Johannesburg, South Africa

Lowenstein, CallieZiswiler, MayaBidwell, KellyWatine, LoicUBS Optimus FoundationInnovations for Poverty Action (IPA)2013

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) performed a scoping study of pre-schools in Soweto, Johannesburg in July and August 2013. While limited in geographic scope, the study aims to present descriptive details on the access and quality of preschools in this growing sector, and is part of a four-city project including similar work in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana, launched and sponsored by the UBS Optimus Foundation. The study results show that a large number of preprimary options exist and a majority of young children are attending preschool in this area. Preprimaries may be less academically and more broadly oriented towards children's development than in other areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Early Childhood DevelopmentSub-Saharan AfricaSouth AfricaOriginal researchCase study

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