Financial Education's Contribution to Girls' Economic Empowerment: A Global Review

Aflatoun International
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A systematic review of girls’ economic empowerment programs to determine which interventions are most effective has not been undertaken before. With this lack of global mapping, it has not been possible to reach a consensus as to which models and Theory of Change can be most effective, and under what circumstances such programs might best empower adolescent girls.

The findings and outputs of our global review are summarized in this policy brief; evaluating the impact of economic empowerment programs for adolescent girls that also address financial education, including:

  • -- An overview of all evaluated program models and their effectiveness;
  • -- A Theory of Change (ToC) based on these experiences and data. This review includes a detailed analysis of each program’s logic model, compares the effectiveness of the underlying programmatic models, and synthesizes the models into an overarching Theory of Change. The ToC encompasses the contextual factors that may impact program effectiveness throughout the reviewed programs;
  • -- Identification of program models that are demonstrably effective; and
  • -- Suggestions for the implementation and evaluation of programs designed to contribute to the economic empowerment of adolescent girls
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