Fostering Education for Female, Out-of-School Youth in Afghanistan

Intili, Jo Ann; Kissam, EdCreative Associates2006
Abstract :
In 2003, in response to the lack of educational opportunities in Afghanistan for the general 
population and especially for females, the United States Agency for International Development 
funded the Afghanistan Primary Education Program (APEP). APEP offers emergency access to 
accelerated elementary education for out-of-school youth between ten and eighteen years of age, 
focusing on females. Between 2003 and 2005, APEP supported Accelerated Learning (AL) 
programs for 170,000 over-age youth in more than 3,000 villages in Afghanistan. This paper 
describes the program strategies and the significant results achieved for female youth.
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Girls' EducationFragile and Conflict-Affected StatesInclusive EducationOut-of-School ChildrenSecondary EducationSouth AsiaAfghanistanOriginal researchEvaluation & Systematic ReviewMonitoring reportCase studyDelivery

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