Girl Power: Transforming India through Educating Girls

DasraDasraGodrej Industries2010
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With an estimated 165 million women aged over 15 still illiterate and only one in 100 girls reaching the final standard of school, India is a long way from achieving the Prime Minister's vision and is at serious risk of missing the UN's Millennium Development Goal of quality education for all by 2015.

To understand the plight of girls in India today, particularly in rural communities, we must understand that discrimination has deep-seated roots in culture and society. Girls are systematically excluded from education and often, cultural norms on adolescence mean they are not even free to leave their homes and villages to visit schools or universities. 

Dasra's report lays out some of the basic facts about the state of girls' education in India today and addresses the following questions:

  • Why does investing in girls' education alleviate poverty?
  • What is the scope of the problem surrounding girls' education?
  • What is currently being done?
  • Who are the key players?
  • How can philanthropists make the most difference? 
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