Greening skills for rural youth in South East Asia

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This research report was commissioned for the purpose of investigating the potential for green skills training in four countries: Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, and to assist Plan International in finding the best strategies that could be used to incorporate green skills into its vocational training programmes. The larger aim of this research is to increase livelihood opportunities for young people affected by climate change, and to provide green skills for a new generation of workers under a growing green economy.

From the research, it is believed that that there are three main areas of green skills development that Plan could focus on: Enabling those in rural areas affected by climate change to learn new skills in agriculture, to preserve their livelihoods; Integrating elements of Youth Economic Empowerment (YEE) programmes into Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) programmes to enable young people in areas affected by climate change to receive training in alternate livelihoods with improved employment prospects; and integrating knowledge from CCA programmes into the common YEE curricula, to ensure that students benefit from basic environmental awareness.

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