Gujarat State Education Report

Anju GuptaCatalyst Management Services (CMS)2013
PDF icon Status of Elementary Education in Gujarat.pdf

This report, developed by CEI India Hub Catalyst Management Services, provides an overview of the state of education in India's Gujarat state. In as late as January 2012, Gujarat was one of the only three states in India that had failed to implement any of the provisions contained in the Right to Education Act, 2009. Of the 13 per cent of the state’s budget allocated towards education, a disproportionate 52 per cent is spent on school infrastructure and maintenance leaving only small amount for other essentials such as teacher training and materials which are required to improve the overall quality of education. According to this report, Gujarat stands out as an example of a state where economic gains have failed to translate into social gains. Gujarat has a higher percentage of school drop-outs than most Indian states but it has been found that children drop out of school because they aren’t learning anything given the present system of education. 

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