The Missing Sector; Contract Schools: International Experience and South African Prospects

Schirmer, Stefan; McCarthy, Jeff; Oliphant, Rebecca; Bernstein, AnnCentre for Development and Enterprise2013

While South Africa has only public and independent schools, there has been a recent uptick in what the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) calls "contract schools", or schools that have agreements in which the government finances the school and a private provider manages it (charter schools in the United States, academy schools in the UK). These schools most often cater to disadvantaged and low-income communities and have shown that they can offer better ducation for the poor.

Contract schooling can, according to this report, bring "private sector energy, funding and creativity into the public school sector and lift the overall performance of the public school system." Contract schools can also provide educational choices and a potential way out of poverty for a significant number of poor children at low relative cost. This report studies the ways the contract school concept is adopted in various countries and its applicability to South Africa. The report relies on five commissioned research reports, discussions and workshops with local and international experts. 

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