A New Agenda for Education in Fragile States

Winthrop, Rebecca; Matsui, Elena Brookings Center for Universal Education 2013

This report from the Brookings Center for Universal Education looks at the ways the global community is managing or mismanaging education in fragile contexts. The report opens with four reasons why investing in education in fragile contexts is a smart move and transitions into a look at the status of global response to education in fragile states, current challenges for the field of education and fragility, and closer looks at education's policy prioritization at the national and global levens. The report concludes with a call for the "fourth phase" in education in fragile states that involves curricula-, policy-, and financing-related changes to existing frameworks. 

Curriculum reform/designEducation FinancingFragile and Conflict-Affected StatesOut-of-School ChildrenGlobalToolkitEvaluation & Systematic ReviewLiterature reviewDelivery

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