NISAI Learning Overview and Case Studies

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Nisai Learning has been in the business of technology and learning since 1994. Nisai Learning has developed a pedagogy and online learning platform which addresses barriers to learning. These barriers may be physical barriers, such as students too ill to attend school, or those who may be living remotely, such as those on the Island of Sark, or those who need to be taught separately for safety reasons. The barriers may also be emotional, such as students who have been bullied, who are school phobic or suffer serious anxiety issues. The barriers to learning may also be in learning style as well. Some students learn differently or at a different pace and for them, the Nisai pedagogy provides results. For all of these students, their barriers to learning are overcome by the live, online classes of the Nisai Learning virtual classroom. Nisai aims to become an educational lifeline, providing quality academic learning, plus personal wellbeing and social life for students who may be isolated from the physical school.

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