Out of School Children: Data Challenges in Measuring Access to Education

Omoeva, Carina; Sylla, Benjamin; Hatch, Rachel; Gale, CharlesFHI360Education for All Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children 2013

This report offers a closer look at the estimates of out of school children of primary school age from a variety of data sources, underscores the challenge of missing data, and provides a thorough overview of variation in the measurement of out-of-school-children and reasons for the variations. The report proposes ways of streamlining measurement using the existing array of data collection instruments and sources, and aims to contribute to the current dialogue on international data while monitoring progress towards Education for All goals. 

Inclusive EducationOut-of-School ChildrenGlobalOriginal researchDebate in global educationEvaluation & Systematic ReviewMonitoring reportLiterature reviewPolicy & Analysis

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