Out-of-School Youth in Developing Countries: What the data do (and do not) tell us

Fawcett, Caroline; Hartwell, Ash; Israel, RonUSAIDEQUIP3Education Development Center, Inc. 2010

This report presents an analysis of existing data profiling the status of out-of-school youth in developing countries. The report points out the value and limitations of an existing data set--the Demographic and Health Surveys--administered in 75 countries every five years since 1984. The research is first of its kind, offering country statistical profiles that profiles out-of-school youth populations in cohorts by education, age, and gender, and maps the relationships between education, employment, health, and more that determine the status of out-of-school populations. 

Out-of-School ChildrenGlobalSub-Saharan AfricaKenyaEthiopiaEvaluation & Systematic ReviewLiterature reviewCase studyPolicy & Analysis

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