Rajasthan State Education Report

Anju GuptaCatalyst Management Services (CMS)2013
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This report, developed by CEI India Hub Catalyst Management Services, details the state of education in India's Rajasthan state. The overall literacy rate in Rajasthan, at 66 per cent, is significantly below the national average and at less than 50 per cent the literary rate among women is dismally low. The low female literacy rate is well reflected in the wide gender disparity in primary school enrolment, where for every 1000 boys, merely 538 girls are enrolled. In 2012, over 11 per cent of girls aged 11-14 years were not enrolled in school. Moreover, the report cites extraordinarily high female dropout rates, suspected to be due to child labour and child marriage. The report goes onto detailing findings from the ASER 2012 survey, according to which learning outcomes of primary school children, especially related to Mathematics and English, are very poor. 

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