The State of Talent Development in the Social Sector

Paul, RoshanTesliuc, IonaThe Amani Institute2013
While the skills-gap has been well-documented, with many employers worldwide citing difficulties in hiring suitable talent, this report analyzes the issue in specific relation to organizations seeking to solve social problems around the world. The study, conducted by the Amani Institute, seeks to understand the role of universities in fostering leaders of social change. What does this job market want? What are the skills and experiences students can acquire to make an employer feel they could be a successful change maker? What type of training is required to get them there? 
The study includes representative organizations across all major sub-sectors: humanitarian agencies, social enterprises, local and international nonprofits, for-profit development firms, and government and multi-lateral aid agencies. It surveyed people in leadership positions as well as recent employees not long after their master's degrees.
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