Strengthening and Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce: Training and Professional Development

Putcha, VidyaMitter, Radhika2018
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The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative (ECWI), led by the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) and Results for Development (R4D), was created as a multi- stakeholder effort to support and empower those who work directly with young children. To inform and guide the Initiative, R4D is carrying out a series of global landscape analyses to establish the size and scope of the challenges faced by the early childhood workforce, while also highlighting promising practices countries have adopted in response to these challenges.

Taking into account the diverse backgrounds and experiences of individuals delivering ECD services, training and professional development programs offer an opportunity to impart a core set of knowledge and skills to members of the early childhood workforce, which is particularly important as programs look to scale and reach a greater number of young children and families.

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