USAID Youth Policy and Learning Project: Youth Education in Crisis and Conflict Briefing Paper

JBS International, Inc.USAIDJBS International, Inc.2012

This paper provides a summary of the latest research on youth education in crisis- and conflict-affected settings by describing the unique situation of youth in these settings, the role of education and youth engagement in these contexts, and a framework for investigating the impact of interventions focused on youth outcomes as well as evidence from research projects using the framework. USAID intends to use this research to create an evaluation agenda for education projects in conflict zones. It also plans to share findings and evaluation strategy with other donors, governments, practitioners, and youth stakeholders to build up an evidence base regarding what works in youth education in fragile and conflict zones. 

Fragile and Conflict-Affected StatesInclusive EducationOut-of-School ChildrenEvaluation & Systematic ReviewMonitoring reportLiterature reviewStudent support

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