Uttar Pradesh State Education Report

Catalyst Management ServicesCatalyst Management Services (CMS)2013
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This report, developed by CEI India Hub Catalyst Management Services, provides an overview of the state of education in India's Uttar Pradesh state. Uttar Pradesh has recorded a significant jump in primary school enrolment rates and this is in large part attributed to the successful implementation of government initiatives such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the Midday Meal Scheme. Private school enrolment is increasing at the rate of 10 per cent per year caused by declining quality of government schools and reduced levels of learning. If this trend continues, private schools are predicted to take over government schools by 2020. The report also discusses the increase in the number of children signing up for paid tuition classes to supplement their school-based learning. The average school drop-out rate at the primary level is much higher in Uttar Pradesh compared to the national average and the participation of Muslims in the formal primary education system is also found to be low. 

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