Youth Councils: An Effective Way to Promote Youth Participation

Hershkowitz, Ann; Akridge, Anike; Kratzig, SuzanneUSAIDEQUIP32009

This paper offers a series of case studies in Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, and India in which youth led eachother in participatory networks and/or forums for a range of desired outcomes: more communication with local and state governments, more youth-oriented policies and programming, cultivating talents, and fostering relationships with each other and with other civil society organizations. In this case studies, it is observed that youth councils have the power to have a "lasting effect" on both individuals and communities. These effects range from tangible results of council projects such as latrines or cleaner streets, to more profound behavioral or societal changes such as increased self-esteem, development of youth policies, and more. 

Curriculum reform/designGlobalSouth AsiaIndiaKenyaUgandaMozambiqueOriginal researchEvaluation & Systematic ReviewCase studyStudent support

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