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Anseye Pou Ayiti

Anseye Pou Ayiti ("Teach for Haiti" in Haitian Creole) recruits, trains and places recent top university graduates and current teachers into under-resourced rural primary schools for two-year fellowships in order to combat inequitable access to quality education and low primary school completion rates.Haiti

Mobjap Children's Center

Mobjap Children's Center provides ECD and early primary schooling to orphans and vulnerable children in the informal settlement of Kibera.Kenya


OpenEMIS, is an Open Source Education Management Information System (EMIS) designed to collect and report data on education systems.

Madrasa Early Childhood Programme (MECP)

The Madrasa Early Childhood Program assists underprivileged communities in the establishment, development, and management of preschools; offering professional development and training courses to new and practicing preschool teachers and providing tailor-made technical support to preschools, civil society, government and private organizations.Kenya

Inspiring Science Education for Girls Using ICT

Through the Inspiring Science Education for Girls Using ICT project, SchoolNet enhances science teaching and learning for girls in government schools by providing affordable computers, interactive multimedia resources, teacher professional development, advocacy, and hosting extra-curricular events.Uganda


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