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A comprehensive approach to extending the use of computers in the classroom, UNETE has supplied 10% of Mexico’s public school students with media rooms, focusing on the most marginalized and remote communities.Mexico

Ilm on Wheels

Ilm on Wheels aims to enhance learning achievements in mathematics for public primary school children in the remote areas of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, by providing access to online learning content and tools via a satellite-enabled Mobile Van.Pakistan

Britannica Learning Tools

Britannica Learning Tools aims to improve the learning outcomes in mathematics of under-privileged students in Lahore, through the provision of an e-learning tool called Smart Math.Pakistan


Sikshana partners with state governments to provide support to existing government schools.India


Edupeg works to improve teacher quality in South African primary schools through mentorship and capacity-building within the classroom environment.South Africa

Integrated Maths Programme

A comprehensive mathematics development program that integrates online student activities and assessments, teacher professional development, student performance analysis, targeted student support, school management development, and the facilitation of professional learning communities.South Africa

LEAP Science and Maths Schools

LEAP Science and Maths Schools are a chain of no-fee independent high schools offering high quality education to young, underprivileged South Africans living in high-need communities and providing the academic and life skills they need to become future leaders.South Africa

Northern Uganda Literacy Program

Mango Tree is working in the Lango and Kumam language communities, with the goal of improving early primary literacy, both in the local language and English.Uganda


Uwezo is a four-year initiative that aims to improve literacy and numeracy skills among children aged 6-16 years old in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda using a citizen driven, learning-based assessment tool, and sharing the results with the broader community to encourage awareness, engagement, and action.Kenya

South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition

The South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition is a key driver in the South African Impact Schools movement, bringing together high quality, achievement-oriented schools that provide disadvantaged learners with affordable access to high-quality learning, and advocates for strong public-private partnerships to support these schools' success.South Africa


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