Student Sponsorship Programme

SSP works to close South Africa's income gap by financing low-income secondary school students to attend a top secondary school, and through a student and family support program to ensure that students will succeed in their new environment.South Africa

Krousar Thmey

Krousar Thmey manages five schools that cater to children who are deaf or blind or have low vision, providing a comprehensive education that includes braille and Khmer sign language.Cambodia

College Catts Pressoir

College Catts Pressoir promotes innovative thinking and experience-based learning among primary and secondary school students in Haiti.Haiti

Young Leaders Program

GEF Kenya implements a leadership and scholarship program for urban youth living in Nairobi, in the slum community of Embakasi.Kenya

Young Changemaker's Program

The Young Changemaker’s Program implemented by Akili Dada targets underprivileged girls at the secondary level and contributes to molding them into future leaders.Kenya

Projecto Oceano

Projecto Oceano provides after school training for high school students (14-19 years old) in the island of Mozambique to improve their entrepreneurial thinking and their school performance.Mozambique

Peru Champs

Peru Champs operates a scholarship program for children from low-income communities to attend Innova Schools, a chain of schools throughout Peru that offer a high quality education.Peru

Pebbles Project

A multifaceted approach to supporting learners (0-18 years) from farm worker communities in the Western Cape, with expertise in special education.South Africa


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