Extra-curricular activities

Healthy and Sustainable Schools Programme

The purpose of the Healthy and Sustainable Schools Programme is to ensure that all children complete secondary education with life skills that link learning to livelihoods with global awareness, enterprise skills, active citizenship, health awareness, and environmental literacy.Tanzania

Yuwa: Kicking it New School

Yuwa uses soccer as a vehicle to bring girls together in a supportive and safe context, working to increase school attendance and empower and equip them with the life skills they need to pursue further studies, secure employment, and break through social constraints.India

Youth Innovation Partnership

Youth Innovation Partnership, formerly This is Africa, is an initiative of Bright Green Enterprise that offers a unique business development program to secondary students in Tanzania.Tanzania

Kakenya Center for Excellence Boarding School

KCE is a primary boarding school in Kenya, supporting girls faced with issues common to Maasai communities, including early marriage and childbirth, female genital mutilation, poverty, lack of and indifference to education for girls.Kenya

FAWE Centres of Excellence

FAWE's two Centres of Excellence (COE) in Kenya are a part of a larger group of 19 schools that provide gender-sensitive school management and teacher training and implement gender-sensitive curriculum.Kenya

1001 Stories

1001 Stories is a literacy development program using mobile technology to motivate children from traditionally marginalized and underserved communities to read, write and create innovative stories based on their personal experiences.UgandaIndia


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