Increasing or sustaining enrollment

Akanksha After-School Centers

Akanksha provides non-formal education using existing under-utilized school buildings to children from low-income communities who otherwise would not have access to education.India

Kenya Virtual School

The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS Kenya) and the Personal Learning Center International of New Windsor, Illinois partnered to offer free online courses through the Kenya Virtual School.Kenya

Dwelling Places Interim School

As part of the Transitional Rehabilitation Home, the Dwelling Places Interim School provides targeted basic education and non-cognitive skills training to vulnerable out of school children with the ultimate objective of reintegrating these students into the Ugandan school system.Uganda

IIRR Pastoralist Education Project

The IIRR Pastoralist Education Project bridges curriculum and literacy gaps for children in nomadic families and for under-educated adults in rural Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda.Kenya

Care for Uganda Sponsorship Programme

The Care for Uganda Sponsorship Programme enables access to education for economically disadvantaged children who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend school, through support to individual students and to government schools.Uganda

Stand Tall Training Center

The Stand Tall Training Center provides education and training to children in Kampala who are unable to afford the cost of formal schooling, employing an innovative curriculum that articulates traditional academic subjects with life skills, entrepreneurship and vocational training.Uganda


Worldreader provides e-readers and e-books to schools, libraries, and communities in sub-Saharan Africa where printed books are either not available or prohibitively expensive.Ghana


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