Increasing or sustaining enrollment

Innovative Program

The program focuses on providing educational and health care support to drop-out and out-of-school children and enrolling them in regular schools.India

Getting to School Program

The Getting to School Program, implemented by SeeBeyondBorders, assists families and communities to educate their children through practical initiatives and encourages community support for education.Cambodia

Safina Women's Association

Safina Women’s Association (SAWA) is dedicated to improving the well-being of women and children by promoting inclusive education and working closely with the government to influence policies, guidelines, and legislation concerning the welfare of women and children.Tanzania

Girls' Education Support Initiative (GESI)

The Girls' Education Support Initiative (GESI) is a program funded by the Swedish Organization for Individual Relief (SOIR) that is implemented by the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM).Malawi

The Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Project

The Complementary Basic Education Project is an initiative of the Malawian government implemented by the Creative Center for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) that seeks to improve access to primary education for out of school youth.Malawi

Yuwa: Kicking it New School

Yuwa uses soccer as a vehicle to bring girls together in a supportive and safe context, working to increase school attendance and empower and equip them with the life skills they need to pursue further studies, secure employment, and break through social constraints.India

Teach For Bangladesh

Teach For Bangladesh is committed to bridging the existing disparity in educational opportunity by providing children from low-income communities in Bangladesh with an excellent education.Bangladesh


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