21st century skills (soft skills)

Seed of Hope

Seed of Hope is a program of Vision Africa that offers vocational training to out-of-school youth in underserved areas, including urban slums and rural regions.Kenya

Norkitt Education Leadership Initiative (NELI)

The Norkitt Education Leadership Initiative (NELI) works to promote democratic participation in public education, as well as reduce inequality by working with School Governing Body (SGBs) to build their capacity to better run their school, attract community support, and have the confidence, skills and networks needed to create accountability.South Africa

SAEP Hope Scholars Programme

The Hope Scholars Programme delivers after-school tutoring for high school students aged 13 to 15 in the marginalized community of Philippi, outside Cape Town.South Africa

Raymond Ackerman Academy

The Raymond Ackerman Academy (RAA) is an entrepreneurial development program that provides a quality education in entrepreneurship for young people.South Africa

More Than Money

Junior Achievement Nigeria’s More Than Money program aims to catch children young by teaching students in grades 4-6 about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money.Nigeria

Young Leaders Program

GEF Kenya implements a leadership and scholarship program for urban youth living in Nairobi, in the slum community of Embakasi.Kenya


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