English language

Good Work Foundation

Bringing educational interventions to rural South Africa to promote digital, English, and math literacy and life skills through digital learning centers, as well as further training through career training academies.South Africa

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools provides six-week courses on global issues and connects its students with a partner from around the world to help them understand others' cultures, ideas, and perspectives on these topics.United States of America

Vocational Training Program

Unnati, a program on youth empowerment and social transformation, is recurring throughout the year with new batches of youth in the age group between 18 and 25, rigorously trained in soft and life skills, values, spoken English, and computer skills, and placed in leading corporations and companies.India


Muktangan follows an innovative model of education within the mainstream in government schools providing child-centered, inclusive, English-medium schooling to underprivileged children in Mumbai.India

Maths Centre Incorporating Sciences (MCIS)

The program delivers teacher development in mathematics, science, technology, and accounting, thus assisting teachers toward sustainability in their schools and young people from disadvantaged communities to higher learning chances.South Africa


The program enables marginalized adolescent girls in India to take charge of their futures by imparting critical knowledge (in health, safety, and rights), spoken English, and life skills through activity-based camps.India

Student Empowerment Program

The program helps students to acquire skills to improve communication, confidence, and motivation and strengthen interpersonal relationships to reach their greatest potential.India


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