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Teach For Bangladesh

Teach For Bangladesh is committed to bridging the existing disparity in educational opportunity by providing children from low-income communities in Bangladesh with an excellent education.Bangladesh

MoCeDET ECD Program

MoCeDET's ECD program aims to improve the delivery of quality education to deaf children through teacher training, specialized curriculum, and community sensitization.Kenya

Women's Global Empowerment Fund - Literacy Program

WGEF’s Literacy Program provides women in Gulu, Uganda, who have missed out on education due to the region's long and brutal conflict, the opportunity to learn to read and write through an 8-month literacy training program, accredited by the National Literacy Examination.Uganda

1001 Stories

1001 Stories is a literacy development program using mobile technology to motivate children from traditionally marginalized and underserved communities to read, write and create innovative stories based on their personal experiences.UgandaIndia

Chipper Sage Education - English Ever After

Chipper Sage Education's English Ever After program provides tools to help children improve in speaking, reading, and writing in English, including DVDs for children, tactile learning activities, and a telephone support hotline to help teachers prepare and implement English lessons.India


Intensive, immersive residential programs that transform rural youth into English-speaking, computer-literate, knowledge-economy professionals.India


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