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Jailoo Kindergartens

Jailoo kindergartens are mobile kindergartens set up in tent-like structures in high mountain pastures, or jailoo, of Kyrgyzstan to provide educational and developmental opportunities for children of nomadic families who move to remote areas for several months each year to graze their livestock.Kyrgyzstan

Deportes para Compartir

Deportes para Compartir raises awareness about global challenges, activates global citizenship, and encourages the practice of civic values, development of a healthy lifestyle, and respect for cultural diversity in elementary school students through physical activities and games.


Anandadhara is an educational resource center to ensure that children develop into citizens of today and tomorrow after receiving practiced, qualitative, and equitable tailor-made education.India

Young Changemaker's Program

The Young Changemaker’s Program implemented by Akili Dada targets underprivileged girls at the secondary level and contributes to molding them into future leaders.Kenya


The program enables marginalized adolescent girls in India to take charge of their futures by imparting critical knowledge (in health, safety, and rights), spoken English, and life skills through activity-based camps.India

Student Empowerment Program

The program helps students to acquire skills to improve communication, confidence, and motivation and strengthen interpersonal relationships to reach their greatest potential.India

iThemba School

iThemba School provides Early Childhood Development classes to children from under-resourced communities in the Southern Peninsula.South Africa


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