SAEP Early Childhood Development program

SAEP's Early Childhood Development program aims to train, mentor, and provide support for ECD educators, principals, and parents to ensure young children in under-resourced areas have access to high-quality education.South Africa

More Than Money

Junior Achievement Nigeria’s More Than Money program aims to catch children young by teaching students in grades 4-6 about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money.Nigeria

Talking Book Behavior Change Program

Literacy Bridge has developed the Talking Book, a portable audio device that delivers educational messages on topics such as agriculture and health to rural areas of Ghana to target and aid those who are illiterate for its Talking Book Behavior Change Program.Ghana

Little Ripples

Little Ripples is an adaptable and efficient education innovation that builds the capacity of refugee women and improves the social-emotional, cognitive and physical development of children ages three to give through in-home, state-of- the-art, customized education.Chad

Move 4 New Horizons

Move 4 New Horizons in Nepal is a holistic education program that consists of an early childhood development component, non-formal education classes, and vocational training.Nepal

ECD @ Home

The program provides educational toy boxes suitable for infants, as well as ECD training of home-based care teams and parents to enable optimal use of the educational toys.South Africa

iSmart Kenya

Livelyhoods creates jobs for youth in slums by building a network of door-to-door sales agents and store assistants through the sales agency iSmart.Kenya


Chilla is a resource center providing support for street sex workers' children, HIV orphans, and children in conflict with the law.India


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