Global Give Back Circle

The Global Give Back Circle is an initiatve implemented by the Kenya Community Development Foundation to empower disadvantaged girls through the use of mentors to help girls break the cycle of poverty.Kenya


eLimu has digitized the Kenyan national curriculum content to deliver an affordable and engaging app to primary children in Kenya.Kenya

Getting to School Program

The Getting to School Program, implemented by SeeBeyondBorders, assists families and communities to educate their children through practical initiatives and encourages community support for education.Cambodia

Shamba Shape Up

Shamba Shape Up is Kenya’s first reality-style farming TV program guiding small-scale farmers on topics such as improved pest management, irrigation, cattle rearing, poultry keeping, financial education, and crop management techniques, in an engaging and educational way.Kenya

READ Global

READ Global empowers rural communities in South Asia by engaging them to invest time and resources in Community Library and Resource Centers (READ Centers) that offer access to information, education, and skills training.Nepal

Jerry Giraffe Early Childhood Program

The Jerry Giraffe program works in close collaboration with the Department of Social Development to train and equip educators and caregivers with information, tools, and resources to provide children in crèches and Grade R centers with the skills, knowledge, and awareness required for safe and healthy relationships.South Africa


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