Uganda School Health and Reading Program (SHRP)

SHRP offers support to the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sport by implementing early grade reading in mother tongue languages for grades 1-3 with transition to English after grade 3, and enhancing health education focused on HIV /AIDS prevention.Uganda

Trailblazer Program

enke's Trailblazer Program inspires and supports young people to take action on the most pressing social issues in their communities.South Africa


Obami is a social learning platform that provides a secure space for people to create or join learning communities so that educators and learners can connect, create, share, and learn from each other.South Africa

Reel Lives Core Program

The Reel Lives Core Program uses video production training as an opportunity to teach marginalized youth hard skills for employment while simultaneously promoting empowerment and social change through the creation (and distribution) of self-exploratory, cathartic personal documentaries.South Africa

Dustbin Kids

LOTS Charity Foundation focuses on education and community development, and caters specifically to the needs of street and vulnerable children.Nigeria

Back to School Film Campaign for Children in Africa

The Back to School film campaign for children in Africa was created to reveal the challenges affecting African children particularly with regards to receiving a quality education, and to raise funds to send some of these children back to school.Nigeria

Student Bank Program

Plan Thailand partners with schools to implement the Student Bank Program in at-risk communities that face high debt and have limited or no access to banking services.Thailand


Tangerine is an open-source software application for mobile devices that improves data collection and analysis for early grade reading and math assessments.Kenya


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