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Chipper Sage Education - English Ever After

Chipper Sage Education's English Ever After program provides tools to help children improve in speaking, reading, and writing in English, including DVDs for children, tactile learning activities, and a telephone support hotline to help teachers prepare and implement English lessons.India


ukuFUNda aims to facilitate equitable learning opportunities for children through mobile technology.South Africa

Unity for Tertiary Refugee Students

Unity for Tertiary Refugee Students (UTRS) is a refugee-led organization, which works towards making tertiary education open and accessible for refugees and asylum-seeking students by lobbying on their behalf, identifying or creating funding opportunities for them, and promoting their rights and well-being in South Africa.South Africa

Vidya Chaitanyam Project

Vidya Chaitanyam Project is Community-led accountability - a short-route, powerful and appropriate lever for school improvement in the context of rural Anantapur: A novel approach to develop school standards by the training of illiterate mothers/ School Monitoring Committees (SMC) members to inspect and report on local school quality.India

Pratham Read India

Read India, Pratham’s flagship program, strives to improve children's learning levels which (based on studies conducted by the ASER Centre) were found to be strikingly low.India

Vidya Helpline

Vidya HelpLine combines a free telephone counseling center with career workshops to provide guidance to rural secondary students and dropouts that lack access to support and advice for their education.India


Nafham is a free, online education platform that hosts and produces video lessons covering the Egyptian and Syrian curricula.Egypt

Trailblazer Program

enke's Trailblazer Program inspires and supports young people to take action on the most pressing social issues in their communities.South Africa


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