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Unnayan Learning Hub

Unnayan Learning Hub is an after-school center that seeks to build the foundational and interpersonal skills of its students through extra-curricular activities and academic support.India

Dream A Dream

Dream a Dream is a professional charitable trust registered and based out of Bangalore working to provide young people from vulnerable backgrounds since 1999 with skills, career, and social development.India

Rural Girls Education Centres

The Chenab Development Foundation is providing access to non-formal lower secondary education for out-of-school girls living in remote rural areas of Punjab through 15 Rural Girls Education Centres, where focus is placed on an extensive teacher training process and an SMS-based feedback mechanism is used to engage parents and the community.Pakistan

Educate Girls

Educate Girls' program model leverages existing government and community resources to make quality education accessible to the most marginalized girls even in the most rural and remote areas of the challenging districts in which it operates.India

English in Action

English in Action works through mobile phones, the internet, television programs, print media, and peer learning to improve English language skills of citizens of Bangladesh.Bangladesh

Equal Education Campaign

Equal Education (EE) advocates for improved school infrastructure in South Africa, employing analytic and activist strategies to encourage the Minister of Education to implement legally binding standards for school infrastructure, to promote national education equity and quality.South Africa


Bridge connects education innovators into communities of practice, fostering linkages between civil society, government, funders, practitioners, teachers, learners, principals, and parents to promote the sharing of effective education practices.South Africa


BridgeIT uses mobile phones to deliver professional development materials and educational resources to teachers.Philippines


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