The Museum School - Parvarish

The Museum School is an urban education model for economically and academically deprived children in urban slums without any extra infrastructure or investment.India

Shamba Shape Up

Shamba Shape Up is Kenya’s first reality-style farming TV program guiding small-scale farmers on topics such as improved pest management, irrigation, cattle rearing, poultry keeping, financial education, and crop management techniques, in an engaging and educational way.Kenya

Experifun Learning Solutions

Experifun designs and develops affordable and curriculum-based next-generation science exploratory gadgets for use in regular classroom sessions.India


Paperight turns any business with any printer and an Internet connection into a print-on-demand bookstore.South Africa

Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted is one of a very limited number of non-state and non-fee paying primary schools offering academic and rehabilitation services to blind and visually impaired children in Nigeria.Nigeria

Adopt a Village - Build a School Initiative

Free the Children works in the education sector through donors who can choose between sponsoring the construction of a school/library, supporting the purchase of school supplies, or paying for teacher salaries in schools overseas.Kenya


aeioTU is social enterprise operating centers that offer education, nutrition, and care for children from birth to age 5.Colombia

Video Technology for Teachers

SAHE is seeking to address the content knowledge deficit of teachers and students by training teachers in the use of pocket-size projectors to play instructional videos, such as those from the acclaimed Khan Academy.Pakistan


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