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Early Childhood Development

From providing support to nascent ECD centers to financing and PPPs, you can find innovations aiming to get children started on the road to success at a young age.

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Girls' Education

This topic page on girls' education in low- and middle-income countries features programs dedicated to girls' access to quality education.

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With a young and growing population coupled with many varied public and private initiatives to improve education, India is a country to look toward for innovations.

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Kenya's education system includes both free primary education and a vibrant non-state sector to augment government services.

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South Africa

South Africa's education system is growing more robust by the day. We have found a strong concentration of programs working in school and student support.

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Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

Children in living in fragile and conflict-affected states face a number of unique challenges, including violence, trauma, or a lack of access to safe spaces that hinder their ability to learn. 

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Educational Technology

Educational technology programs around the world are taking advantage of rapid increases in internet and mobile connectivity to bolster students’ access to and quality of education.

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Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships bridge the gap between the innovation that the private sector can experiment with and the scale and reach that the public sector provides.

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Skills for Work

Use this topic page to explore programs and resources related to preparing young people for meaningful work, whether in the informal or formal sector. Here you will find programs ranging from innovative finance mechanisms enabling individuals and entire cohorts to acquire technical skills, to mentorship and placement programs that ensure those skills are transferred to the workplace. You can also browse resources related to the impact of skills development on countries and their economies.

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Low-Cost Private Schools

Low-cost private schools (LCPSs) in low- and middle-income countries have been garnering increasingly large amounts of attention in the global education sector. Here you can explore the universe of low-cost private schools operating in low- and middle-income countries.

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