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Use this topic page to explore programs that are redefining curriculum development and instruction, from innovative staffing models to schools-in-a-box. You will also find resources from the Research & Evidence Library related to curriculum innovation including case studies, toolkits, literature reviews, and more!



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Related Programs

  • a-ACADEMY Smart Learning

    High Quality Digital Education: With a-ACADEMY's digital curriculum, learning finally becomes exciting, captivating, motivating, effective, and successful.Kenya
  • AB-Sé

    AB-Sé is a quarterly magazine published by Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Educativo (FEPADE).El Salvador
  • Activity Based Learning

    Activity Based Learning (ABL) is a methodology where children of different ages are grouped together in one class and learn at their own pace through teacher-facilitated exercises.India
  • aeioTU

    aeioTU is social enterprise operating centers that offer education, nutrition, and care for children from birth to age 5.Colombia
  • Aflatoun

    The Aflatoun program brings social and financial education to pre- and primary school students, with a special focus on equipping students from low- and middle-income families with the necessary life skills to become change agents in their own lives and their communities.China
  • Agastya Mobile Science Labs

    The Agastya Mobile Science Labs inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in rural students and teachers through hands-on, interactive learning methods for science education.India
  • AGE Africa

    AGE Africa supports disadvantaged girls in rural Malawi to complete secondary school with scholarships, an extracurricular life skills program, and post-secondary assistance to pursue higher education or income-generating activities.Malawi
  • Akazi Kanoze

    Akazi Kanoze is a youth livelihood program that works to improve youth access to employment opportunities by creating effective linkages between youth, the Rwandan economy and the public and private sectors.Rwanda
  • Akshara Ganitha

    Akshara Ganitha focuses on improving and achieving numeracy skills and basic literacy among the students of class 1 to 5 in the educationally struggling rural government schools.India
  • Asante Africa Foundation

    Asante Africa Foundation aims to increase educational opportunities in Kenya and Tanzania through the creation of safe and healthy learning environments, improving teacher quality and student learning, and providing scholarships.Kenya
  • Baale Mane (Girls' Home)

    Baale Mane is a girls’ home that aims to provide support for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with long-term support in an environment that has the feel of a home rather than an institution.India
  • Bhartiyavidya

    Bhartiyavidya is a curriculum-based digital classroom teaching aid designed specifically for teachers across government and private schools.India
  • Bridge International Academies

    Bridge International Academies is a large-scale chain of low-cost private schools that uses a technology-enabled approach to provide standardized primary education through its “Academy in a box” model, allowing the chain to scale quickly and keep costs low.Kenya
  • Can't Wait to Learn Sudan

    The Can't Wait to Learn Sudan project delivers out of school Sudan mathematics curriculum to out-of-school children through a self-paced, interactive, tablet-based program that children access in community spaces.Sudan
  • Chalk House Play & Learn Centers

    Chalk House Play & Learn Centers cater primarily to the education needs of disadvantaged children who have not only missed out on the benefits of early childhood learning, but are presently without access to quality education opportunities.Nigeria
  • College Catts Pressoir

    College Catts Pressoir promotes innovative thinking and experience-based learning among primary and secondary school students in Haiti.Haiti
  • Community Empowerment Program (Tostan)

    Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP) uses a nonformal, human rights-based approach to education wherein it aims to empower communities with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to develop their own futures.Senegal
  • Complete Business Accountant - CBA

    This unique course offered by TeamLease is designed to garner the specific requirements of accounting and finance for graduates to provide them opportunities for work.India
  • Concept Literacy Project

    The Concept Literacy Project has published two books for primary and secondary school students that present core concepts in mathematics and science in English, with key explanations translated into Xhosa, Zulu and Afrikaans, to enable teachers to code-switch when teaching.South Africa
  • Connecting Classrooms - School Partnerships

    Connecting Classrooms (CC) is a global education program which offers funding and resources for school partnerships, and the opportunity to share best practices with colleagues in the UK and more than 50 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.Nigeria
  • Creative Thinking Program

    Bulungi Creative is a program for primary school children in Uganda that works through primary educators to teach the importance of thinking critically, challenging everything, and forming individual opinions and ideas.Uganda
  • Deportes para Compartir

    Deportes para Compartir raises awareness about global challenges, activates global citizenship, and encourages the practice of civic values, development of a healthy lifestyle, and respect for cultural diversity in elementary school students through physical activities and games.
  • Design for Change (DFC)

    Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that aims to empower students to say "I CAN" and inspire others by telling their own stories of change.India
  • Devio Arts Centre

    Devio Arts Centre is a non-profit children’s art centre based in Ghana that uses a learning through play experience to promote holistic child development.Ghana
  • Digital Means

    Digital Means is developing web based e-learning content based on the local government curriculum for English and Mathematics, for grades 4 and 5.Pakistan
  • Edify

    Edify supports the improvement of affordable independent Christian schools by expanding their access to capital through loans, then provides technical assistance to drive both pedagogical and operational improvements.GhanaDominican Republic
  • Educar Chile

    A free online education portal providing interactive instructional and training materials as well as networking to students, teachers, administrators, and parents throughout Chile.Chile
  • Educate Girls - Creative Learning and Teaching (CLT)

    Educate Girls’ Creative Learning and Teaching (CLT) program trains government school teachers in child‐centric techniques that utilize activity‐based and playful learning games to teach English, Hindi, and Math to students at the primary level grades 3, 4, and 5.India
  • Education de Base (EDB) Program

    The Education de Base (EDB) project was a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors at the national, regional, and local levels to transform middle school education in Senegal.Senegal
  • Edulever’s Vocational Training Support Program

    This program develops curricula on soft skills as well as technical skills for vocational training programs, conducts teacher training, and develops program processes for vocational training programs of several corporates and civil society organizations.India
  • eLimu

    eLimu has digitized the Kenyan national curriculum content to deliver an affordable and engaging app to primary children in Kenya.Kenya
  • EscriVamos

    EscriVamos uses education technology to teach secondary school students creative writing and enables them to publish their memoirs electronically via a digital gallery.El Salvador
  • Escuela Nueva

    The Escuela Nueva model was originally developed in the mid-1970s to improve the quality of rural public schools in Colombia.Colombia
  • eTeacher Training at Teacher Training Colleges

    The project aims to increase the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the pedagogical practice of teacher trainers at Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) and at secondary schools.Rwanda
  • Eureka SuperKidz

    Innovative after-school learning centers that impart quality education to children from the most marginalized families in Tamil Nadu.India
  • Every Child a Scientist

    Every Child a Scientist fosters a scientific interest among the marginalized and vulnerable populations of society using ICT as a tool.India
  • Experifun Learning Solutions

    Experifun designs and develops affordable and curriculum-based next-generation science exploratory gadgets for use in regular classroom sessions.India
  • Financially Self-Sufficient Schools

    A financially self-sufficient network of secondary schools which give low-income students the opportunity to receive a quality education while learning practical agricultural and business skills through operating real microenterprises on campus.Paraguay
  • FunDa Labz

    This program offers educational building projects and games mapped to curriculum in order to help students develop a conceptual understanding of science and mathematics, aiming to make problem solving for students easier and enhance their learning outcomes.India
  • Future First Global

    Future First seeks to champion the development of alumni associations in high schools, to mobilize former students of the school to engage with pupils as career role models and mentors, providers of work experience placements or facilitating extra-curricular activities in their former school.United Kingdom
  • GOLD Peer Education

    GOLD harnesses the power of peer-to-peer influence in South African secondary schools by training young adults to make informed choices and develop health-enhancing and purpose-driven habits.South Africa
  • Happy Classrooms

    The Happy Classrooms project seeks to improve learning environments in government primary schools by decorating them with child-friendly, syllabus-related paintings.Malawi
  • Her VOICE

    The program enables marginalized adolescent girls in India to take charge of their futures by imparting critical knowledge (in health, safety, and rights), spoken English, and life skills through activity-based camps.India
  • Hoopoe Books

    "Repatriating" traditional stories from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the surrounding region, Hoopoe Books provides beautifully illustrated books, teacher guides, and teacher training to encourage literacy for all ages.Afghanistan
  • IIRR Pastoralist Education Project

    The IIRR Pastoralist Education Project bridges curriculum and literacy gaps for children in nomadic families and for under-educated adults in rural Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda.Kenya
  • Inclusive Futures in Rwanda

    Inclusive Futures in Rwanda develops national standards for the education of children with disabilities and other special educational needs (SEN) to provide a framework for quality inclusive education.Rwanda
  • INJAZ Business Leaders Campaign (BLC)

    The Business Leaders Campaign (BLC) is an extracurricular program for ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders that invites business and social leaders from around Jordan to share their success stories with students.Jordan
  • Inquiry Based Learning Programme (IBLP)

    SDF is developing a teacher training program to introduce a hands-on science learning approach that encourages empirical inquiry and increases students’ conceptual understanding of science subjects.Pakistan
  • Integrated Child Development Program

    This intervention provides materials and trains frontline government service providers (health and welfare assistants/visitors) to incorporate early stimulation messages and practices into existing health and nutrition work with parents of children under 3.Bangladesh
  • Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) Course

    The Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) course is a program that operates out of public schools to expose rural students in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade to a wide range of vocational and technical opportunities and skills.India
  • iWitness in Rwanda

    The iWitness in Rwanda project uses witness testimony of genocide via internet based resources to promote positive values through increasing the understanding of genocide.Rwanda
  • Job Placement Training

    The Job Placement Training program provides students with the professional and vocational skills that are in demand by employers in the Middle East and North Africa region and places students in jobs upon graduation.Egypt
  • Jóvenes + Emprendedores

    Jóvenes + Emprendedores partners with public high schools to provide job skills training and foster an interest in entrepreneurship among students.Colombia
  • Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

    Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya is a residential school that seeks to empower and support children from socially marginalized and economically disadvantaged backgrounds through a comprehensive educational program that combines a rigorous academic curriculum with a musical training component.India
  • Khud Initiative

    Khud employs sustainable education technology to overcome challenges faced by lack of teachers or teacher quality, in order to stimulate creative thinking and create more independent learners in marginalized schools and communities.Pakistan
  • Language Supportive Teaching and Textbooks (LSTT)

    The Language Supportive Teaching and Textbooks initiative aims to make textbooks and teaching accessible to second language learners in disadvantaged rural secondary schools in Tanzania and establish expertise in key government institutions.Tanzania
  • Little Ripples

    Little Ripples is an adaptable and efficient education innovation that builds the capacity of refugee women and improves the social-emotional, cognitive and physical development of children ages three to give through in-home, state-of- the-art, customized education.Chad
  • Maestro 100 Puntos

    Premio Maestro 100 Puntos (The 100 Point Teacher Prize) is awarded to ten teachers annually for innovative projects in primary education with the goal of replicating best practices through workshops across the country.Guatemala
  • Magic English

    The program offers a high-impact, low-cost English language learning solution for students from rural, semi-urban, and urban contexts through the Karadi Path methodology, based on the mother tongue learning process and is effective in non-English environments where the teachers themselves do not have high levels of English language proficiency.India
  • Mindset Learn

    Mindset Learn delivers curriculum-aligned e-learning content and materials over television and the internet for use by students, teachers and parents in the classroom and at home, aimed to increase learning outcomes by providing up-to-date, accessible, and interactive learning experiences for African youth.South Africa
  • Mother Child Education Program

    Mother Child Education Program is a home-based early childhood development program designed for preschool children aged 5-6 years and their mothers.Turkey
  • Move 4 New Horizons

    Move 4 New Horizons in Nepal is a holistic education program that consists of an early childhood development component, non-formal education classes, and vocational training.Nepal
  • Muktangan

    Muktangan follows an innovative model of education within the mainstream in government schools providing child-centered, inclusive, English-medium schooling to underprivileged children in Mumbai.India
  • NeTT- The Necessary Teacher Training Programme

    Uses a digital learning portal known as Digital DMM to increase the number of well-trained teachers in rural communities, blending online learning materials and innovative pedagogy with state-curricula training.India
  • New Education Highway

    NEH partners with existing educational institutions to provide education technology hardware, software, and training to help improve students access to and quality of education.Myanmar (Burma)
  • Omega Schools

    Omega Schools is a chain of almost 40 low-cost private schools in Ghana.Ghana
  • One Moore Book

    One Moore Book (OMB) publishes culturally sensitive literary and artistic material for children from developing countries with low levels of literacy and underrepresented cultures.LiberiaHaitiGuinea

    ORT SA CAPE addresses critical educational challenges in impoverished schools in the Western Cape, focusing on technology, mathematics, and literacy, through a comprehensive set of programs including teacher training, research, and after school programs.South Africa
  • Palabrario & Numerario

    Reaching nearly 400,000 students across Colombia, Palabrario & Numerario (Literacy and Numeracy) is a community-oriented teacher-training program that works with primary schools at the municipal level over the course of three years.Colombia
  • Peace Promoting Schools Project

    Through training and workshops, Peace Promoting Schools empowers teachers and provides them with the skills and coping mechanisms they need to become peace educators, peace makers and peace builders in their schools, and to deal with conflict in the classroom.South Africa
  • PenPal Schools

    PenPal Schools provides six-week courses on global issues and connects its students with a partner from around the world to help them understand others' cultures, ideas, and perspectives on these topics.United States of America
  • Pratham Books

    Pratham Books strives to enhance literacy levels and promote a culture of reading for enjoyment by providing access to good quality, affordable books for under-served children ages 3-14.India
  • Pratham Science Program

    Pratham Science Program is a science popularization program in rural India that aims to stimulate scientific curiosity among middle school children (Standards V – Standards VIII) through vigyan mitra (friend of science) and by establishing science clubs and conducting experiential learning modules.India
  • Preparation for Social Action (PSA)

    The Preparation for Social Action (PSA) program seeks to empower youth by making math, science, language, community development, and technology applicable to their everyday lives.Uganda
  • Primary Science Programme (PSP)

    The PSP is a teacher training and support organization which aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in core subjects in disadvantaged primary schools in South Africa by providing training, classroom support and teaching materials.South Africa
  • S.L.U.M.S (Student Leaders Understanding My Slums)

    Through Service Learning, youth in informal settlements redifine the narrative about urban settlements, engage with their community's problems and bring exposure to the various plights, whilst creating new solutions for upgrading.Kenya
  • Samridhdhi Bridge Program

    This is a bridge program for out-of-school children to bring them up to age-appropriate standards of mainstream schools.India
  • Seed of Hope

    Seed of Hope is a program of Vision Africa that offers vocational training to out-of-school youth in underserved areas, including urban slums and rural regions.Kenya
  • Sementes Brilhantes (Bright Seeds)

    Sementes Brilhantes equips caregivers in public childcare centers with the pedagogical tools and support needed to deliver proven methods for promoting early childhood development.Brazil
  • Shawco Saturday School

    The Shawco Saturday School aims to strengthen Grade 12 students’ abilities in Mathematics, Physical Science, English, Life Science, and Accounting through Saturday remedial teaching sessions.South Africa
  • Shine Literacy Programme

    The Shine Literacy Programme conducts assessments of early-primary aged children to identify those needing literacy support, and works to help build those children’s literacy skills through paired reading, have-a-go writing, specially-designed literacy games, and reading material to bring home.South Africa
  • SOLE in a Box

    SOLE in a Box provides schools across South Africa with crowdfunded kits that allow students to guide their own learning by using the internet to answer "big questions" and develop IT skills, creativity, and entrepreneurship.South Africa
  • Sparrow Schools

    Sparrow Schools aims to see that children with barriers to learning are equipped with education and skills through targeted curriculum and support.South Africa
  • Stand Tall Training Center

    The Stand Tall Training Center provides education and training to children in Kampala who are unable to afford the cost of formal schooling, employing an innovative curriculum that articulates traditional academic subjects with life skills, entrepreneurship and vocational training.Uganda
  • STIR Education

    STIR aims to reignite the spark in teachers and empower them to become committed, skillful, and influential changemakers and practitioners, so they can improve their own teaching and contribute to a wider teacher-led movement to improve children's learning.India
  • Swalpa English, Thumba Fun

    The program delivers easy-to-use and teacher-friendly teaching/learning materials in English to enhance exposure to English in "low language input" in government school classrooms.India
  • Teach For China

    Teach For China recruits, trains, and places top college graduates from China and the US as full-time teachers in under-resourced Chinese schools for two years.China
  • Teach the Teacher Program

    The Teach the Teacher Program, implemented by SeeBeyondBorders, provides training for Cambodian teachers through workshops delivered with assistance from volunteer Australian teachers; mentoring programs that provide continuing in-class support for teachers from Cambodian peer leaders trained by local staff; and relevant teaching resources.Cambodia
  • Techniques for Effective Teaching Kit

    Using Sesame Workshop's interactive media model, the Techniques for Effective Teaching kit includes teacher training modules as well as educator guides and outreach materials that aim at giving Ghanaian teachers the opportunity to build on their teaching skills and improve learning outcomes.Ghana
  • Technology 4 Education

    SEC has adapted the local government curriculum for use on digital interactive whiteboards, which have been installed at government schools in Punjab.Pakistan
  • Thanda After-School

    Thanda's After-School Program aims to develop motivated, life-long learners with the confidence, knowledge and skills to improve both their own lives and their communities.South Africa
  • The Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Project

    The Complementary Basic Education Project is an initiative of the Malawian government implemented by the Creative Center for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) that seeks to improve access to primary education for out of school youth.Malawi
  • The Goodness League Initiative

    UAC of Nigeria Plc, a leading conglomerate in Nigeria, established the Goodness League program to supplement the government’s efforts in improving the quality of the education sector.Nigeria
  • The Speed School Program

    The Speed School program transitions out-of-school children in Ethiopia and Liberia into local schools through an innovative pedagogy and intensive instruction calendar that covers the first three years of the national curriculum in just one year.Ethiopia
  • Total Learning Environment

    iSchool is an online multi-media e-learning package that includes both teacher lesson plans and interactive learning content.Zambia
  • Trailblazer Program

    enke's Trailblazer Program inspires and supports young people to take action on the most pressing social issues in their communities.South Africa
  • Tula Learning Centers

    Designing real-world missions that learners explore and complete, whilst practicing and developing essential character traits (e.Philippines
  • Uday Samudaik Pathshalas

    Support, strengthen, and popularize the idea of a child-centric innovative education system through endeavors of quality in education so that communities start demanding the same from the existing education-providing structures.India
  • Uganda School Health and Reading Program (SHRP)

    SHRP offers support to the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sport by implementing early grade reading in mother tongue languages for grades 1-3 with transition to English after grade 3, and enhancing health education focused on HIV /AIDS prevention.Uganda
  • ukuFUNda

    ukuFUNda aims to facilitate equitable learning opportunities for children through mobile technology.South Africa
  • Volunteer Corps Tutoring Program

    Volunteer Corps is committed to impacting the less privileged children in the senior secondary schools by complementing the effort of the teachers in teaching the curriculum and life skills.Nigeria
  • WASH United

    WASH United develops interactive games to educate children and change behavior around the difficult issues of sanitation and hygiene.Kenya
  • Wordworks STELLAR Programme

    The Wordworks Strengthening Early Literacy and Language Teaching in Grade R (STELLAR) Programme provides training and mentoring to Grade R teachers, to help them build the knowledge and skills to teach early literacy effectively.South Africa
  • Worlds in the Making

    Simorgh is developing and testing a tri-lingual (Punjabi, Urdu, and English) primer for class 1 students in Punjab, where the government curriculum is taught in either Urdu or English, to determine whether education in the mother-tongue will enhance learning outcomes.Pakistan
  • Young Africa

    Young Africa runs vocational skills training centers that are designed to equip youth between the ages of 15 and 25 with both vocational skills and life skills to enable them to lead productive and purposeful lives.Zimbabwe
  • Young African Express

    Young African Express is a magazine providing relevant and practical skills-focused learning for upper primary and secondary students and innovative instructional material for their teachers.Kenya
  • Young Heroes Program

    The Young Heroes Program is a comprehensive school-based physical education and sport intervention program offering teacher training, equipment and resources, and the opportunity for primary and high school students, from low-income communities, to play intramural, extramural and inter-school sport and to follow a physical education curriculum.South Africa
  • Youth Innovation Partnership

    Youth Innovation Partnership, formerly This is Africa, is an initiative of Bright Green Enterprise that offers a unique business development program to secondary students in Tanzania.Tanzania

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