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Related Programs

  • 1001 Stories

    1001 Stories is a literacy development program using mobile technology to motivate children from traditionally marginalized and underserved communities to read, write and create innovative stories based on their personal experiences.UgandaIndia
  • ADEMA Education Program

    The Education Program of ADEMA-Haiti oversees the implementation of the country's education policies in schools of the North West region and helps school attain the national education objectives through a series of activities and workshops.Haiti
  • Adopt a Village - Build a School Initiative

    Free the Children works in the education sector through donors who can choose between sponsoring the construction of a school/library, supporting the purchase of school supplies, or paying for teacher salaries in schools overseas.Kenya
  • AGE Africa

    AGE Africa supports disadvantaged girls in rural Malawi to complete secondary school with scholarships, an extracurricular life skills program, and post-secondary assistance to pursue higher education or income-generating activities.Malawi
  • ARK Education Voucher Program

    ARK is piloting an education voucher scheme in the poorest areas of Delhi to encourage families to claim their entitlement to free private school places by distributing picture guides to inform parents about the quality of schools available.India
  • Asante Africa Foundation

    Asante Africa Foundation aims to increase educational opportunities in Kenya and Tanzania through the creation of safe and healthy learning environments, improving teacher quality and student learning, and providing scholarships.Kenya
  • Beacon Schools Initiative

    The Beacon Schools Initiative (BSI) is a public-private partnership bringing high quality education to public lower secondary schools with private management.Cambodia
  • Build Africa

    Build Africa works in the rural areas of Uganda and Kenya by combining educational and income-generating opportunities that aim to contribute to the eradication of poverty.Uganda
  • Building Tomorrow

    Building Tomorrow partners with rural Ugandan communities to build primary schools, then partners with the Ministry of Education which opens and operates the school as a government school, covering all recurring costs including teacher salaries.Uganda
  • Care for Uganda Sponsorship Programme

    The Care for Uganda Sponsorship Programme enables access to education for economically disadvantaged children who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend school, through support to individual students and to government schools.Uganda
  • Children's Sure House

    Children's Sure House aims to provide education to children in rural Uganda through schools built by volunteers.Uganda
  • CHINANSI Foundation

    The Chinansi Foundation aims to alleviate human suffering and social injustices by providing hope for socioeconomic development.Malawi
  • Connecting Classrooms - School Partnerships

    Connecting Classrooms (CC) is a global education program which offers funding and resources for school partnerships, and the opportunity to share best practices with colleagues in the UK and more than 50 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.Nigeria
  • Contracts for Dreams

    The Contracts for Dreams Program assesses the impact of 3-year full funding commitments to attend high school on poor, rural seventh and ninth grade junior high students’ enrollment in senior high schools.China
  • Digital Divide Data

    DDD’s approach is unique in that it incorporates a comprehensive program of employment and higher education to support high school graduates without the means of pursuing a college degree in realizing their dreams.Cambodia
  • Dustbin Kids

    LOTS Charity Foundation focuses on education and community development, and caters specifically to the needs of street and vulnerable children.Nigeria
  • Edify

    Edify supports the improvement of affordable independent Christian schools by expanding their access to capital through loans, then provides technical assistance to drive both pedagogical and operational improvements.GhanaDominican Republic
  • Education Partnerships Africa

    Education Partnerships Africa (formerly Kenya Education Partnerships) is a UK charity and NGO through which students from UK colleges directly support rural, district secondary schools by providing them with resources and investment advice.Kenya
  • Elewana Education Project

    Elewana Education Project provides scholarships for secondary students to expand educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth in communities across Kenya .Kenya
  • Elige Educar

    Elige Educar aims to improve the quality of Chile’s teachers through influencing public policy, attracting top students to enter the profession, and launching national media campaigns to enhance the societal perception of teaching.Chile
  • Enova RIA

    Enova RIA employs a tri-sector collaboration to reduce digital illiteracy in marginalized communities in Mexico.Mexico
  • Fundación Ventanas

    Fundación Ventanas provides academically-promising students who could otherwise not afford higher education with interest-free loans, along with a comprehensive mentorship program, to pursue either university or vocational degrees.Colombia
  • Future First Global

    Future First seeks to champion the development of alumni associations in high schools, to mobilize former students of the school to engage with pupils as career role models and mentors, providers of work experience placements or facilitating extra-curricular activities in their former school.United Kingdom
  • Generation Rwanda

    Providing funding, supplemental skills training, and support to Rwanda’s brightest secondary education graduates who cannot afford university.Rwanda
  • Girls Secondary School Certificates

    The Sindh Radiant Organization's Girls Secondary School Certificates project aims to improve access to education for girls in extremely remote areas of Sindh Province, who otherwise would have not been able to continue education after primary school, by setting up community-based learning centers.Pakistan
  • Girls' Education Support Initiative (GESI)

    The Girls' Education Support Initiative (GESI) is a program funded by the Swedish Organization for Individual Relief (SOIR) that is implemented by the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM).Malawi
  • GPOBA Education Program

    The GPOBA Education Program improves educational opportunities for 8,040 underprivileged and disadvantaged secondary school students in Vietnam by reducing the cost of public and private secondary education through tuition subsidies tied to student attendance, behavior, and academic performance.Vietnam
  • High Schools Transformation Project (HSTP)

    The High Schools Transformation Project (HSTP) spends three years partnering with two secondary schools in Timor-Leste to provide a quality, relevant education model that the Ministry of Education can replicate.Timor-Leste
  • IDP Rising Schools

    IDP Rising Schools seeks to empower existing marginalized low-cost private schools with a combined bundle of services through proprietor capacity building in financial management and school administration; targeted microfinance loans to school owners; and techniques for effective teaching training.Ghana
  • Kesho Kenya Scholarships Program

    Kesho Kenya is an organization based in Kilifi and working within Kilifi and Ganze counties to ensure that disadvantaged children and the youth are able to complete their education through the provision of scholarships, student support (such as tuition) and family support (such as child protection).Kenya
  • Kibera in Need - Education Support Scheme

    Kibera in Need's education support scheme provides education and training to orphaned, vulnerable children and adults living in Nairobi's Kibera slum, funding primary and secondary education and providing vocational and business skills training to young professionals and entrepreneurs.Kenya
  • Lumni Peru

    Lumni Peru seeks to increase access to higher education in Peru through an innovative financing model in which Lumni-Peru pays for higher education for promising students, who, in return, commit a set percentage of their future earnings for a defined period of time to pay back Lumni-Peru.Peru
  • Maasai Girls Education Fund

    The Maasai Girls Education Fund provides scholarships from primary school through the university level to Maasai girls who have dropped out or never been enrolled in school.Kenya
  • MYSA Leadership Awards

    MYSA uses football to empower youth in informal settlements and foster leadership skills and community development.Kenya
  • National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC)

    The National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) is a public-private partnership that supports the skills development ecosystem in India and funds effective private sector skills training initiatives.India
  • NeTT- The Necessary Teacher Training Programme

    Uses a digital learning portal known as Digital DMM to increase the number of well-trained teachers in rural communities, blending online learning materials and innovative pedagogy with state-curricula training.India
  • Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted

    Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted is one of a very limited number of non-state and non-fee paying primary schools offering academic and rehabilitation services to blind and visually impaired children in Nigeria.Nigeria

    A public-private school management pilot which provides increased government funding to Mexico's most vulnerable school zones by promoting collaborative decision making and capacity building.Mexico
  • Peru Champs

    Peru Champs operates a scholarship program for children from low-income communities to attend Innova Schools, a chain of schools throughout Peru that offer a high quality education.Peru
  • Rescue Dada Centre

    The Rescue Dada rehabilitation center is located and operates in Nairobi and aims to reunite girls who have been living on the streets with their families.Kenya
  • Riziki Kenya Education Program

    The education scholarship program implemented by Riziki Kenya identifies orphaned and vulnerable children in Kibera and other slums and sponsors their education.Kenya
  • Rural Education Access Programme (REAP)

    REAP assists talented students from low-income rural areas in South Africa that are graduating from secondary school in accessing higher education by providing them with financial backing, mentorship, and life skills training.South Africa
  • Sikshana

    Sikshana partners with state governments to provide support to existing government schools.India
  • Slum-2-School Initiative

    Slum-2-School is a non-profit initiative aimed at improving access to quality education for children in hard-to-reach slums in Nigeria.Nigeria
  • Starfish Africa

    Starfish Africa supports talented students by providing scholarships to secondary schools students who would otherwise be unable to attend secondary school due to lack of financing.Kenya
  • Student Sponsorship Programme

    SSP works to close South Africa's income gap by financing low-income secondary school students to attend a top secondary school, and through a student and family support program to ensure that students will succeed in their new environment.South Africa
  • Unity for Tertiary Refugee Students

    Unity for Tertiary Refugee Students (UTRS) is a refugee-led organization, which works towards making tertiary education open and accessible for refugees and asylum-seeking students by lobbying on their behalf, identifying or creating funding opportunities for them, and promoting their rights and well-being in South Africa.South Africa
  • Uno A La Vez

    Uno-A-La-Vez uses community-based social enterprise to fund after-school programs and scholarships for vulnerable and at-risk youth in Costa Rica.Costa Rica
  • Vittana

    Vittana is the pioneer provider of digitally crowd-funded microloans to students in the developing world who could otherwise not afford higher education.BoliviaUnited States of America
  • Wedu Fund

    Wedu Fund helps finance higher education for underprivileged, young women from Asia's least developed countries.Thailand
  • Wings to Fly

    The Wings to Fly program provides secondary school scholarships to high-achieving but economically disadvantaged youth in Kenya, with a focus on orphans and other vulnerable children.Kenya
  • Young Changemaker's Program

    The Young Changemaker’s Program implemented by Akili Dada targets underprivileged girls at the secondary level and contributes to molding them into future leaders.Kenya
  • Zawadi Africa Education Fund

    Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a leadership development program that provides university scholarships, leadership training and life skills training to academically gifted but financially disadvantaged African girls in order to create a pipeline of young women leaders in Africa.Kenya

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