Inclusive Education

E.g physically or mentally disabled, or special needs

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Related Programs

  • Anandadhara

    Anandadhara is an educational resource center to ensure that children develop into citizens of today and tomorrow after receiving practiced, qualitative, and equitable tailor-made education.India
  • Bhavishya-yaan

    Bhavishya-yaan, a program conducted by Rotary Club of Bombay in association with VIDYA, provides further educational opportunities and employment avenues to regional language municipal school students by imparting life skills, spoken English skills, and basic computer skills.India
  • Carel du Toit Centre

    Carel du Toit Centre is a school and early-intervention program helping children who are born deaf to acquire spoken language skills so they can enter mainstream education.South Africa
  • Chilla

    Chilla is a resource center providing support for street sex workers' children, HIV orphans, and children in conflict with the law.India
  • CHINANSI Foundation

    The Chinansi Foundation aims to alleviate human suffering and social injustices by providing hope for socioeconomic development.Malawi
  • Community Empowerment Program (Tostan)

    Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP) uses a nonformal, human rights-based approach to education wherein it aims to empower communities with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to develop their own futures.Senegal
  • Complete Business Accountant - CBA

    This unique course offered by TeamLease is designed to garner the specific requirements of accounting and finance for graduates to provide them opportunities for work.India
  • Digital School in a Box

    Digital Schools in a Box, serving 100 to 200 children each, are set up in schools and health centers in rural communities to give children access to quality, collaborative educational content.
  • Dreamcatcher

    WEMA Dreamcatcher is a bus fitted with computers offering street children free access to e-learning to improve literacy and numeracy skills.Kenya
  • Emergent Literacy and Maths Initiative

    The Rwandan Emergent Literacy and Maths Initiative (ELMI) aimed at more inclusive and effective learning for all pre-school children to better prepare them for entering primary school.Rwanda
  • Enhancement of Girls Participation and Completion of Primary Education (EGPCPE)

    The Enhancement of Girls Participation and Completion of Primary Education Program is an initiative launched by the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) and PLAN Malawi that seeks to mobilize and strengthen the capacity of parents, school administration, and community leaders to support primary school students through training.Malawi
  • Enova RIA

    Enova RIA employs a tri-sector collaboration to reduce digital illiteracy in marginalized communities in Mexico.Mexico
  • EscriVamos

    EscriVamos uses education technology to teach secondary school students creative writing and enables them to publish their memoirs electronically via a digital gallery.El Salvador
  • Every Child a Scientist

    Every Child a Scientist fosters a scientific interest among the marginalized and vulnerable populations of society using ICT as a tool.India
  • Fe y Alegría (Peru)

    Fe y Alegria Peru is an Integral Educational Movement for the underprivileged, originally founded in 1955 in Venezuela by the Society of Jesus.Peru
  • Girls' Education Support Initiative (GESI)

    The Girls' Education Support Initiative (GESI) is a program funded by the Swedish Organization for Individual Relief (SOIR) that is implemented by the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM).Malawi
  • High Schools Transformation Project (HSTP)

    The High Schools Transformation Project (HSTP) spends three years partnering with two secondary schools in Timor-Leste to provide a quality, relevant education model that the Ministry of Education can replicate.Timor-Leste
  • Hoopoe Books

    "Repatriating" traditional stories from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the surrounding region, Hoopoe Books provides beautifully illustrated books, teacher guides, and teacher training to encourage literacy for all ages.Afghanistan
  • Inclusive Futures in Rwanda

    Inclusive Futures in Rwanda develops national standards for the education of children with disabilities and other special educational needs (SEN) to provide a framework for quality inclusive education.Rwanda
  • Jailoo Kindergartens

    Jailoo kindergartens are mobile kindergartens set up in tent-like structures in high mountain pastures, or jailoo, of Kyrgyzstan to provide educational and developmental opportunities for children of nomadic families who move to remote areas for several months each year to graze their livestock.Kyrgyzstan
  • Keeping Girls at School (KGAS)

    A multi-pronged approach, including school-based mentoring, girls’ clubs, saving and loan activities with associated training in financial management, and community score cards to provides support for girls in lower secondary school to stay in school and continue to upper secondary school.Rwanda
  • Khud Initiative

    Khud employs sustainable education technology to overcome challenges faced by lack of teachers or teacher quality, in order to stimulate creative thinking and create more independent learners in marginalized schools and communities.Pakistan
  • Krousar Thmey

    Krousar Thmey manages five schools that cater to children who are deaf or blind or have low vision, providing a comprehensive education that includes braille and Khmer sign language.Cambodia
  • Kuepa

    Kuepa provides affordable online and real-world classes to help low-income individuals in Latin America and the US complete GED, vocational, and technical skills programs.Argentina
  • Lchokuti Foundation

    With the help of local staff as well as international volunteers, the Lchokuti Foundation provides informal education and advice to out-of-school students by teaching life skills, language, literacy, culture, and health.Kenya
  • Little Sisters Preschool

    Little Sisters Preschool is an early childhood education and development program that uses a unique and progressive curriculum to holistically develop institutionalized children aged 2-8 years so that they can reach their full potential and be fully integrated into the mainstream Chinese national education system.China
  • Live the Dream Campaign

    Child Dream Awareness & Effective Leaders Network's Live the Dream Campaign is a day-long conference that offers mentoring and coaching in leadership and entrepreneurship for youth in Northern Ghana in an effort to help develop Africa's future leaders.Ghana
  • MoCeDET ECD Program

    MoCeDET's ECD program aims to improve the delivery of quality education to deaf children through teacher training, specialized curriculum, and community sensitization.Kenya
  • Mother Tongue Education (MTE)

    The Mother Tongue Education (MTE) project seeks to increase meaningful access to primary education for marginalized children through advocacy, training, and development of resources to enable primary level instruction in students' mother tongue.Uganda
  • One Child One Light

    One Child One Light provides underprivleged children with access to low-cost, safe, and durable solar powered study lights, improving their ability to complete school work at home and by extension sustaining enrollment.India
  • One Moore Book

    One Moore Book (OMB) publishes culturally sensitive literary and artistic material for children from developing countries with low levels of literacy and underrepresented cultures.LiberiaHaitiGuinea
  • Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted

    Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted is one of a very limited number of non-state and non-fee paying primary schools offering academic and rehabilitation services to blind and visually impaired children in Nigeria.Nigeria
  • Parikrma Humanity Foundation

    Parikrma's four schools use a model of "end-to-end" assistance to support students from severely underprivileged backgrounds in Bangalore by providing high-quality K-12 education supplemented by healthcare, family support services, scholarships for higher education, and career mentorship.India
  • Prikkle Academy Collaborative Community Program

    Prikkle Academy's Collaborative Community program engages rural Nigerian youth and young adults in an intensive training that helps them realize their full potential and develop sustainable social solutions for their communities.Nigeria
  • Project Hello World

    Project Hello World provides isolated and vulnerable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa with educational content and Internet access through outdoor solar-powered Internet kiosks, the Hello Hubs.Nigeria
  • Reading Together

    Reading Together is a television program that aims to promote positive reading habits among children and families.Kyrgyzstan
  • RedCap Schools Project

    The RedCap Schools Project is a holistic intervention, which aims to help selected primary schools nurture student performance by creating a culture of excellence, through empowering teachers, school management, parents, the community, students, local government, district personnel, and other local businesses.South Africa
  • SAEP Early Childhood Development program

    SAEP's Early Childhood Development program aims to train, mentor, and provide support for ECD educators, principals, and parents to ensure young children in under-resourced areas have access to high-quality education.South Africa
  • Safina Women's Association

    Safina Women’s Association (SAWA) is dedicated to improving the well-being of women and children by promoting inclusive education and working closely with the government to influence policies, guidelines, and legislation concerning the welfare of women and children.Tanzania
  • School of Hope

    School of Hope is a registered special-needs school that provides hope through education for at risk and vulnerable youth.South Africa
  • Share Literacy Mexico

    Share Literacy, an initiative of the Institute for Cross-cultural Exchange (ICE), has donated 900 books in Spanish and English to NGO's, schools and orphanages in San Quintin, Mexico.Mexico
  • Siyakwazi

    Siyakwazi provides learning support for students, irrespective of disabilities or learning difficulties.South Africa
  • Sparrow Schools

    Sparrow Schools aims to see that children with barriers to learning are equipped with education and skills through targeted curriculum and support.South Africa
  • Star of Hope Day Care Centre

    APDK's Star of Hope Day Care Centre offers access to affordable and relevant quality education to children with disabilities in and around Mukuru slums in Nairobi through the use of a specialized curriculum, as well as parent/guardian and community sensitization.Kenya
  • StayInSchool Nigeria

    StayInSchool aims to address the increasing number of out-of-school children in Nigeria by providing support to orphans, drop-outs, and other at-risk youth to return to or remain in school until completion.Nigeria
  • Student Sponsorship Programme

    SSP works to close South Africa's income gap by financing low-income secondary school students to attend a top secondary school, and through a student and family support program to ensure that students will succeed in their new environment.South Africa
  • talkUBUNTU

    talkUBUNTU is a project-driven social media learning enterprise designed to build creative partnerships between schools, the business-industrial sector, as well as civil society.South Africa
  • Teach For Bangladesh

    Teach For Bangladesh is committed to bridging the existing disparity in educational opportunity by providing children from low-income communities in Bangladesh with an excellent education.Bangladesh
  • Teach the Teacher Program

    The Teach the Teacher Program, implemented by SeeBeyondBorders, provides training for Cambodian teachers through workshops delivered with assistance from volunteer Australian teachers; mentoring programs that provide continuing in-class support for teachers from Cambodian peer leaders trained by local staff; and relevant teaching resources.Cambodia
  • Tech Dada

    Tech Dada, or Tech Sisters in English, equips girls and young women with skills in technology, design and business as well as helping to build their identity and expand their personal freedom.Kenya
  • The Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Project

    The Complementary Basic Education Project is an initiative of the Malawian government implemented by the Creative Center for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) that seeks to improve access to primary education for out of school youth.Malawi
  • The Eklavya Project

    The Eklavya Project assists families in gaining access to high-quality private schools through India’s Right to Education Act.India
  • Ubongo Kids

    Ubongo Kids is an interactive educational TV program that delivers math and science lessons to students through entertaining stories and songs.Tanzania
  • Uganda School Health and Reading Program (SHRP)

    SHRP offers support to the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sport by implementing early grade reading in mother tongue languages for grades 1-3 with transition to English after grade 3, and enhancing health education focused on HIV /AIDS prevention.Uganda
  • Vocational Training Program

    Unnati, a program on youth empowerment and social transformation, is recurring throughout the year with new batches of youth in the age group between 18 and 25, rigorously trained in soft and life skills, values, spoken English, and computer skills, and placed in leading corporations and companies.India
  • We Love Reading

    We Love Reading (WLR) promotes an appreciation for learning by establishing community libraries and training local women to lead read aloud sessions for young children.Jordan
  • Yuwa: Kicking it New School

    Yuwa uses soccer as a vehicle to bring girls together in a supportive and safe context, working to increase school attendance and empower and equip them with the life skills they need to pursue further studies, secure employment, and break through social constraints.India

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