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Related Programs

  • 1001 Stories

    1001 Stories is a literacy development program using mobile technology to motivate children from traditionally marginalized and underserved communities to read, write and create innovative stories based on their personal experiences.UgandaIndia
  • aeioTU

    aeioTU is social enterprise operating centers that offer education, nutrition, and care for children from birth to age 5.Colombia
  • Amani Girls Home

    Amani Girls Home works to enhance the quality of pre-primary education and prepare children ready for primary education in Mwanza fishing communities through holistic and community driven ECD programs.Tanzania
  • Britannica Learning Tools

    Britannica Learning Tools aims to improve the learning outcomes in mathematics of under-privileged students in Lahore, through the provision of an e-learning tool called Smart Math.Pakistan
  • Catco Kids

    Catco Kids creates and manages daycare programs in Pakistan while advocating for the development of quality childcare and the establishment of a National Child Care System in the country.Pakistan
  • Clevio Coder Camp

    Clevio Coder Camp aims to empower children to learn and create through computer games and programming.Indonesia
  • College Catts Pressoir

    College Catts Pressoir promotes innovative thinking and experience-based learning among primary and secondary school students in Haiti.Haiti
  • Community Based Early Childhood Care and Development

    Mulumbo Early Childhood Care and Development runs community-based centers that provide ECED services to children ages 0-8 in economically vulnerable communities in Zambia, advocates for increased national attention to ECED, and mentors other ECED programs.Zambia
  • Deportes para Compartir

    Deportes para Compartir raises awareness about global challenges, activates global citizenship, and encourages the practice of civic values, development of a healthy lifestyle, and respect for cultural diversity in elementary school students through physical activities and games.
  • Devio Arts Centre

    Devio Arts Centre is a non-profit children’s art centre based in Ghana that uses a learning through play experience to promote holistic child development.Ghana
  • Digital Study Hall (DiSH)

    The DiSH project uses interactive video lessons to deliver quality lessons in public primary schools in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, simultaneously training teachers to improve pedagogy and teaching practices.Pakistan
  • Dream A Dream

    Dream a Dream is a professional charitable trust registered and based out of Bangalore working to provide young people from vulnerable backgrounds since 1999 with skills, career, and social development.India
  • ECD @ Home

    The program provides educational toy boxes suitable for infants, as well as ECD training of home-based care teams and parents to enable optimal use of the educational toys.South Africa
  • Emergent Literacy and Maths Initiative

    The Rwandan Emergent Literacy and Maths Initiative (ELMI) aimed at more inclusive and effective learning for all pre-school children to better prepare them for entering primary school.Rwanda
  • Eureka SuperKidz

    Innovative after-school learning centers that impart quality education to children from the most marginalized families in Tamil Nadu.India
  • Every Child a Scientist

    Every Child a Scientist fosters a scientific interest among the marginalized and vulnerable populations of society using ICT as a tool.India
  • First Steps (Intera za Mbere)

    First Steps (Intera za Mbere) promotes healthy early childhood development by providing holistic parenting education through radio-facilitated peer learning groups and increasing access to emergent literacy materials for young children.Rwanda
  • Getting Ready for School

    The Getting Ready for School program trains older children to actively engage with pre-school children in their communities, helping young learners prepare for a successful transition to primary school in areas where formal preschool is not available.Global
  • Ghana Reads

    Seeking to improve literacy among elementary level children from low-income families, the Ghana Reads program provides teacher “coaches” that help teachers deliver a more interactive, activity-based curriculum while also supplying schools with Basic e-Learning Library (BeLL) systems with up to two terabytes of educational resources.Ghana
  • Her VOICE

    The program enables marginalized adolescent girls in India to take charge of their futures by imparting critical knowledge (in health, safety, and rights), spoken English, and life skills through activity-based camps.India
  • Ilm on Wheels

    Ilm on Wheels aims to enhance learning achievements in mathematics for public primary school children in the remote areas of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, by providing access to online learning content and tools via a satellite-enabled Mobile Van.Pakistan
  • iThemba School

    iThemba School provides Early Childhood Development classes to children from under-resourced communities in the Southern Peninsula.South Africa
  • Jailoo Kindergartens

    Jailoo kindergartens are mobile kindergartens set up in tent-like structures in high mountain pastures, or jailoo, of Kyrgyzstan to provide educational and developmental opportunities for children of nomadic families who move to remote areas for several months each year to graze their livestock.Kyrgyzstan
  • Jujurha Education Centre (JEC)

    The program addresses the need for Early Childhood Development (ECD) education in the villages of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area through an education center with a holistic focus on physical, social, emotional, and mental development.South Africa
  • Kidogo

    Kidogo is a social enterprise that provides high-quality, affordable early childhood care and education for families living in Africa’s urban slums.Kenya
  • Little Ripples

    Little Ripples is an adaptable and efficient education innovation that builds the capacity of refugee women and improves the social-emotional, cognitive and physical development of children ages three to give through in-home, state-of- the-art, customized education.Chad
  • Little Sisters Preschool

    Little Sisters Preschool is an early childhood education and development program that uses a unique and progressive curriculum to holistically develop institutionalized children aged 2-8 years so that they can reach their full potential and be fully integrated into the mainstream Chinese national education system.China
  • Lively Minds Play Schemes

    Lively Minds trains Kindergarten teachers and volunteer mothers to lead play-based learning schemes for young children in government schools located in rural communities of Ghana.Ghana
  • Living Right

    Living Right reaches out to pregnant women, parents, primary school children, teens, and other adults to build an AIDS free generation using short- and long-term strategies among the communities in which it works to bring hope and break despair.South Africa
  • Mindspark Centers

    Mindspark Centres are technology-based remedial centres which help underprivileged students of classes 1-8 learn Hindi language and Mathematics.India
  • Mobile Creches

    Mobile Creches provides free education, nutrition, and healthcare for the young children of migrant construction workers at urban construction sites and slums around Delhi.India
  • More Than Money

    Junior Achievement Nigeria’s More Than Money program aims to catch children young by teaching students in grades 4-6 about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money.Nigeria
  • Nhaka Foundation

    Nhaka Foundation leads holistic interventions designed to support early childhood development (ECD) programming in primary schools.Zimbabwe
  • Nuru Kenya Education

    Nuru International: building the world's first self-sustaining, self-scaling, integrated development model to end extreme poverty.
  • Pratham Science Program

    Pratham Science Program is a science popularization program in rural India that aims to stimulate scientific curiosity among middle school children (Standards V – Standards VIII) through vigyan mitra (friend of science) and by establishing science clubs and conducting experiential learning modules.India
  • Project FUEL

    Project Fuel collects life lessons from people around the world and uses them to conduct interactive life skills workshops.India
  • Promoting Early Childhood Development

    PATH seek to promote and scale up Early Childhood Development through an integrated program, ingrained in the health sector which includes child protection, health, nutrition, stimulation and learning through play.MozambiqueKenya
  • PUPA Early Childhood Development

    PUPA creates teacher training information, courses, and workshops for low-income caregivers, educators, and parents to incorporate play into their work with children 0-6.Brazil
  • Reading Together

    Reading Together is a television program that aims to promote positive reading habits among children and families.Kyrgyzstan
  • SAEP Early Childhood Development program

    SAEP's Early Childhood Development program aims to train, mentor, and provide support for ECD educators, principals, and parents to ensure young children in under-resourced areas have access to high-quality education.South Africa
  • Safina Women's Association

    Safina Women’s Association (SAWA) is dedicated to improving the well-being of women and children by promoting inclusive education and working closely with the government to influence policies, guidelines, and legislation concerning the welfare of women and children.Tanzania
  • Samrakshana Competence Skill Building

    Samrakshana's Competence Skill Building program helps students in grades 7, 8, and 9 to achieve academic excellence by developing important life skills such as goal-setting and planning, self-discipline, self-esteem, and relationship-building.India
  • Samridhdhi Bridge Program

    This is a bridge program for out-of-school children to bring them up to age-appropriate standards of mainstream schools.India
  • School in Bag

    The program provides quality education through formal primary schooling to tribal communities, uncovered populations who are first-generation learners in remote hamlets and villages in districts of West Bengal state.India
  • Sementes Brilhantes (Bright Seeds)

    Sementes Brilhantes equips caregivers in public childcare centers with the pedagogical tools and support needed to deliver proven methods for promoting early childhood development.Brazil
  • Siyakwazi

    Siyakwazi provides learning support for students, irrespective of disabilities or learning difficulties.South Africa
  • Skate and Create

    Skate and Create aims to empower children from all backgrounds in Afghanistan through learning through play.Afghanistan
  • Sparrow Schools

    Sparrow Schools aims to see that children with barriers to learning are equipped with education and skills through targeted curriculum and support.South Africa
  • Student Empowerment Program

    The program helps students to acquire skills to improve communication, confidence, and motivation and strengthen interpersonal relationships to reach their greatest potential.India
  • Teachers Resource Center

    The Teachers Resource Center designs and develops teaching and learning materials that are tropicalized and readily available, providing solutions for learning problems.Kenya
  • Thanda After-School

    Thanda's After-School Program aims to develop motivated, life-long learners with the confidence, knowledge and skills to improve both their own lives and their communities.South Africa
  • The Museum School - Parvarish

    The Museum School is an urban education model for economically and academically deprived children in urban slums without any extra infrastructure or investment.India
  • Tula Learning Centers

    Designing real-world missions that learners explore and complete, whilst practicing and developing essential character traits (e.Philippines
  • Ubongo Kids

    Ubongo Kids is an interactive educational TV program that delivers math and science lessons to students through entertaining stories and songs.Tanzania
  • Uno A La Vez

    Uno-A-La-Vez uses community-based social enterprise to fund after-school programs and scholarships for vulnerable and at-risk youth in Costa Rica.Costa Rica
  • vChalk

    vChalk is on a mission to help 1 million students in schools catch up on basic English and Math skills.India
  • Vutamdogo

    The Vutamdogo (Pull the Little One) program works to improve the literacy and numeracy of Tanzanian children in grades 1-2.Tanzania
  • WASH United

    WASH United develops interactive games to educate children and change behavior around the difficult issues of sanitation and hygiene.Kenya

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