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CEI and UNICEF have teamed up to facilitate the scale-up of innovations in global education by identifying promising models and helping them grow. Wehave jointly collected evidence on the impact of innovations and lessons learned about the process of scaling up to help the global education community better understand what makes programs work and why.

eLearning Sudan

Over a two-year period that began in May 2014, CEI and UNICEF designed and tested a strategy to systematically select and support innovative education models. After receiving over 150 nominations sourced from the CEI database and UNICEF country offices, CEI and UNICEF named 5 finalists and 10 runners-up. 

The finalists received funding from UNICEF and support from CEI during a one-year testing phase that allowed the innovators to test and strengthen their models while collecting evidence on effectiveness. CEI has synthesized evaluation and learning on innovations’ potential for scale-up including impact, cost-effectiveness, and stakeholder engagement during this testing phase, which will last through 2015.

The resulting report, Journeys to Scale, accompanies these innovations from Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Peru, and Sudan, as they strive to increase their impact. Drawing from the challenges faced and strategies employed to overcome such hurdles, it lays out clear recommendations for implementers, donors, policymakers and researchers who want to support innovation.

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2014 Finalists
Receiving funding from UNICEF and support from CEI

Lively Minds Play Schemes

Lively Minds trains Kindergarten teachers and volunteer mothers to lead play-based learning schemes for young children in government schools located in rural communities of Ghana.Ghana

Accelerated School Readiness

The ASR pilot is an accelerated 150-hour pre-literacy and pre-numeracy program for children entering Grade 1 who have not attended pre-school; it is offered through local schools using existing infrastructure and teachers.Ethiopia

Can't Wait to Learn Sudan

The Can't Wait to Learn Sudan project delivers out of school Sudan mathematics curriculum to out-of-school children through a self-paced, interactive, tablet-based program that children access in community spaces.Sudan

Palavra de Criança

Palavra de Criança works with municipalities to plan and provide continuous teacher training, student diagnostic assessments, and parent engagement, as well as follow-up assessments to track student process.Brazil

EduTrac Peru

The EduTrac Peru pilot is an SMS-based data collection initiative to track education data in remote districts of Peru; the data will be used to support information-based decision-making at local, regional, and national levels.Peru

2014 Runners-Up
Notable programs selected for review by expert panel

Children as Agents of Resilience and Environmental Sustainability

The program decreases risks and vulnerabilities posed by disasters by engaging school-aged children and their teachers in identifying community environmental threats, disaster risks, and vulnerabilities through a new online tool that adopts existing materials and child-centered approaches to teach children about the environment and safety.Armenia

Integration of Technology in Schools

This program provides schools with interactive and student-centered digital learning content through an offline server and combines this with teacher training to facitilate child-centered pedagogy in the classroom.Nepal

Other CEI programs supported by UNICEF

Nal'ibali Reading-for-Enjoyment Campaign

The Nal’ibali Reading-for-Enjoyment Campaign combines a national mass media and awareness campaign with a face-to-face mentoring and support program to establish reading clubs and encourage increased and improved literacy in six provinces across South Africa.South Africa


Bridge connects education innovators into communities of practice, fostering linkages between civil society, government, funders, practitioners, teachers, learners, principals, and parents to promote the sharing of effective education practices.South Africa

The Unlimited Child

The Unlimited Child provides preschool children attending underprivileged creches with trained caregivers, educational toys and relevant activities to stimulate their capacity to develop and learn.South Africa

Omega Schools

Omega Schools is a chain of almost 40 low-cost private schools in Ghana.Ghana

GPOBA Education Program

The GPOBA Education Program improves educational opportunities for 8,040 underprivileged and disadvantaged secondary school students in Vietnam by reducing the cost of public and private secondary education through tuition subsidies tied to student attendance, behavior, and academic performance.Vietnam

Shine Literacy Programme

The Shine Literacy Programme conducts assessments of early-primary aged children to identify those needing literacy support, and works to help build those children’s literacy skills through paired reading, have-a-go writing, specially-designed literacy games, and reading material to bring home.South Africa

Teach for India

Teach For India (TFI) is a non‐profit organization that aims to eliminate educational inequity in India by enlisting the nation's most promising college graduates and young professionals to serve as full‐time teachers in low-income schools for 2 or more years.India

Avanti Learning Centers

Avanti Learning Centers seeks to increase the access of high potential, low-income students in India to higher education in top Indian universities and IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), through the provision of mentoring, rigorous tutoring and self-study tools, and science and mathematics-focused training.India

Pratham Books

Pratham Books strives to enhance literacy levels and promote a culture of reading for enjoyment by providing access to good quality, affordable books for under-served children ages 3-14.India

Mindset Learn

Mindset Learn delivers curriculum-aligned e-learning content and materials over television and the internet for use by students, teachers and parents in the classroom and at home, aimed to increase learning outcomes by providing up-to-date, accessible, and interactive learning experiences for African youth.South Africa

Primary Science Programme (PSP)

The PSP is a teacher training and support organization which aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in core subjects in disadvantaged primary schools in South Africa by providing training, classroom support and teaching materials.South Africa


Uwezo is a four-year initiative that aims to improve literacy and numeracy skills among children aged 6-16 years old in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda using a citizen driven, learning-based assessment tool, and sharing the results with the broader community to encourage awareness, engagement, and action.Kenya

Pratham Balwadi

Pratham's Balwadi and early childhood education program provides pre-school education to children age 3-5 in urban slums and some rural communities across India.India

Elige Educar

Elige Educar aims to improve the quality of Chile’s teachers through influencing public policy, attracting top students to enter the profession, and launching national media campaigns to enhance the societal perception of teaching.Chile

Financially Self-Sufficient Schools

A financially self-sufficient network of secondary schools which give low-income students the opportunity to receive a quality education while learning practical agricultural and business skills through operating real microenterprises on campus.Paraguay

Britannica Learning Tools

Britannica Learning Tools aims to improve the learning outcomes in mathematics of under-privileged students in Lahore, through the provision of an e-learning tool called Smart Math.Pakistan

School Assessment for School Improvement (SASI)

ITA has launched the ‘School Assessment for School Improvement (SASI) Program’ as a social enterprise in Pakistan that conducts comprehensive school assessments to improve school management; assessments result in implementable options for school improvement.Pakistan

Educar Chile

A free online education portal providing interactive instructional and training materials as well as networking to students, teachers, administrators, and parents throughout Chile.Chile

BRAC Primary Schools

BRAC primary schools offer quality, non-formal education to disadvantaged and school dropout children in Bangladesh, with a particular emphasis on girls.Bangladesh

BRAC Adolescent Development Program

BRAC's Adolescent Development Program runs Adolescent Clubs, where secondary school girls can engage in extra-curricular and cultural activities as well as livelihood training courses, all with a view to building soft-skills.Bangladesh

Video Technology for Teachers

SAHE is seeking to address the content knowledge deficit of teachers and students by training teachers in the use of pocket-size projectors to play instructional videos, such as those from the acclaimed Khan Academy.Pakistan

3D Conceptual Learning through CAD

Trojans introduced 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) courses at the secondary school level to enhance the conceptual understanding of science subjects and vocational skills of schoolchildren from the underprivileged areas of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.Pakistan

Rural Girls Education Centres

The Chenab Development Foundation is providing access to non-formal lower secondary education for out-of-school girls living in remote rural areas of Punjab through 15 Rural Girls Education Centres, where focus is placed on an extensive teacher training process and an SMS-based feedback mechanism is used to engage parents and the community.Pakistan

Worlds in the Making

Simorgh is developing and testing a tri-lingual (Punjabi, Urdu, and English) primer for class 1 students in Punjab, where the government curriculum is taught in either Urdu or English, to determine whether education in the mother-tongue will enhance learning outcomes.Pakistan

Dream A Dream

Dream a Dream is a professional charitable trust registered and based out of Bangalore working to provide young people from vulnerable backgrounds since 1999 with skills, career, and social development.India

Digital Means

Digital Means is developing web based e-learning content based on the local government curriculum for English and Mathematics, for grades 4 and 5.Pakistan

StayInSchool Nigeria

StayInSchool aims to address the increasing number of out-of-school children in Nigeria by providing support to orphans, drop-outs, and other at-risk youth to return to or remain in school until completion.Nigeria

Adopt a Village - Build a School Initiative

Free the Children works in the education sector through donors who can choose between sponsoring the construction of a school/library, supporting the purchase of school supplies, or paying for teacher salaries in schools overseas.Kenya

Kalokutanyang Mobile School

Kalokutanyang Mobile School was established in 2008 by the Kenyan government with support from UNICEF to provide education for 3 village clusters in Turkana County.Kenya

Asante Africa Foundation

Asante Africa Foundation aims to increase educational opportunities in Kenya and Tanzania through the creation of safe and healthy learning environments, improving teacher quality and student learning, and providing scholarships.Kenya

Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted is one of a very limited number of non-state and non-fee paying primary schools offering academic and rehabilitation services to blind and visually impaired children in Nigeria.Nigeria

High Schools Transformation Project (HSTP)

The High Schools Transformation Project (HSTP) spends three years partnering with two secondary schools in Timor-Leste to provide a quality, relevant education model that the Ministry of Education can replicate.Timor-Leste

Chalk House Play & Learn Centers

Chalk House Play & Learn Centers cater primarily to the education needs of disadvantaged children who have not only missed out on the benefits of early childhood learning, but are presently without access to quality education opportunities.Nigeria

Back to School Film Campaign for Children in Africa

The Back to School film campaign for children in Africa was created to reveal the challenges affecting African children particularly with regards to receiving a quality education, and to raise funds to send some of these children back to school.Nigeria

Mobile Ger Kindergartens

UNICEF Mongolia's mobile ger kindergartens travel each summer to serve hard-to-reach children of nomadic herder families and come equipped with furniture, teaching materials, toys, and meals for students.Mongolia


The Aflatoun program brings social and financial education to pre- and primary school students, with a special focus on equipping students from low- and middle-income families with the necessary life skills to become change agents in their own lives and their communities.China

Maendeleo Foundation

Maendeleo Foundation's mission is to complement the existing education system by making computers available to people of all ages and providing customized training.Uganda

Literacy Boost

Literacy Boost works with students, teachers, and communities to encourage reading, improve reading instruction, and strengthen core reading skills.Malawi


Nafham is a free, online education platform that hosts and produces video lessons covering the Egyptian and Syrian curricula.Egypt


The School-in-a Box kit is a portable classroom that can be used almost anywhere in the world.Rwanda

Digital School in a Box

Digital Schools in a Box, serving 100 to 200 children each, are set up in schools and health centers in rural communities to give children access to quality, collaborative educational content.

Activity Based Learning

Activity Based Learning (ABL) is a methodology where children of different ages are grouped together in one class and learn at their own pace through teacher-facilitated exercises.India

Design for Change (DFC)

Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that aims to empower students to say "I CAN" and inspire others by telling their own stories of change.India


EduTrac is a mobile phone based data-collection system developed by UNICEF with support from the MoES to collect real time data including teacher and student attendance and delivery of materials.Uganda


The Technogirls program teaches girls skills they are lacking in science, technology, and engineering.South Africa


ukuFUNda aims to facilitate equitable learning opportunities for children through mobile technology.South Africa

Connecting Classrooms

Connecting Classrooms is a web platform for connecting and engaging students from around the world in cross-cultural discussions.Liberia

National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC)

The National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) is a public-private partnership that supports the skills development ecosystem in India and funds effective private sector skills training initiatives.India

INJAZ Business Leaders Campaign (BLC)

The Business Leaders Campaign (BLC) is an extracurricular program for ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders that invites business and social leaders from around Jordan to share their success stories with students.Jordan


Kytabu is a textbook subscription app built to provide low-cost access to digitalized versions of all Kenyan textbooks from Standard 1 to Form 4.Kenya

Educación 2020

Educación 2020 is a Chilean civil society organization that works to ensure high-quality, inclusive education for all students in Chile.Chile

Hoopoe Books

"Repatriating" traditional stories from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the surrounding region, Hoopoe Books provides beautifully illustrated books, teacher guides, and teacher training to encourage literacy for all ages.Afghanistan

Ak' Tenamit Internship Program

Through the Ak' Tenamit Internship Program, high school students split their time between traditional and practical classrooms, where they put theory learned in class to work.Guatemala

Community Empowerment Program (Tostan)

Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP) uses a nonformal, human rights-based approach to education wherein it aims to empower communities with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to develop their own futures.Senegal

Mackay Business Development Project

Teach A Man To Fish have been supporting Mackay Memorial College, a government secondary school in Kampala, with entrepreneurship training delivered to teachers and pupils enabling them to set up two school businesses which have high local demand, are educational, and simple to run.Uganda

FACE Salam Project for Street Children

Salam Project for Street Children seeks to significantly reduce the number of street children living and working on the streets of Cairo by providing outreach and drop-in services (basic health and nutritional services) that emphasize alternative livelihood strategies and offer vocational training services leading to eventual social integration.Egypt

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